Conversions and touchpoints

As a digital marketing specialist, you need to define your high-level marketing goals, which encapsulate the direction and activities that capture and retain customers through your site. You want to maximize the conversion rates and influence the purchasing decisions of your customers and then track whether, how, and why conversion rates are changing and rising.

With Sitefinity Insight, you define and track conversions that present a set of interactions for specific scenarios and visitor segments. Next, you derive insights from various data collected from different sources on both the positive and negative patterns of your results.

In addition, you can track a number of key website engagement points for visitors – touchpoints. You then track the impact of these touchpoints and whether and how they influence visitors' conversion rates for different conversions. Having ample marketing attribution reports helps you understand which touchpoints have biggest impact on conversion rates and focus and optimize your marketing efforts.

With Sitefinity Insight, you can:

  • Define and track conversions
  • Track key touchpoints on your site and measure their attribution to conversions
  • Make meaningful connections between touchpoints and conversion rates

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