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In the modern digital world, customers interact with your company through a growing number of channels, each typically accumulating customer data in a disparate system. No matter what channel they choose, customers expect a personalized, seamless and continuous experience regardless if they are moving from their phone to tablet to laptop. Sitefinity Insight helps you profile and understand your audience and the customer journey, so that you create impactful personalized content to achieve your desired business outcomes. Sitefinity Insight integrates web site tracking across all data sources, providing data-driven insights which suggest how to optimize the end-to-end customer experience, driving both short-term and long-term business and marketing goals.

Sitefinity Insight also helps you answer marketing and business questions such as:

  • Who are your customers?
  • How does a customer interact with your organization across channels?
  • What part of your audience belongs to a given buyer persona?
  • How many hot leads do you have? Who are they?
  • What are your conversion rates?
  • What are your most important audience segments that should be targeted with a campaign?
  • How do your digital content assets, such as whitepapers and videos, attribute to increasing conversions?
  • What can you do to optimize conversions, such as website registrations and purchases?
  • If you run a campaign, how likely are you to increase conversions and by how much?

Before answering all these questions, in this section you learn basic concepts and workflows in Sitefinity Insight, as well as how you can start using it.

Following is a video overview:


Onboarding video course

To learn visually key concepts of Sitefinity Insight and how to start using it, take the Sitefinity Insight onboarding video course.

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