Connectors to external data visualization and reporting solutions


Sitefinity Insight offers connectors to various external reporting solutions. You use these reporting tools to build visualizations, based on the daily data that you accumulated in Sitefinity Insight about audiences, conversions, and more.

You can then leverage the reporting tools to visualize your data and get to the level of detail that you need.

You can combine data from multiple Sitefinity Insight reports into a single page to get an overview of a specific topic, such as focusing on a particular an initiative.

Or you can combine your Sitefinity Insight data with other data sources, such as CRMs, marketing automation systems, your internal production systems, or CSV files, to aggregate reports and achieve full 360-degree view for given processes.

You can also collaboratively create and share real-time interactive dashboards and reports for your digital marketing needs with your team, and, if the reporting tool offers it, control who can access the generated reports.

Or you can go in the opposite direction and centralize all reports from all systems in your organization into a single place and share them.

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