Knowing your audience is key to understanding your customers' needs and motivations and what makes an ideal customer. With Sitefinity Insight, you get an overall picture of your audience, including all details about contacts' characteristics, background, and behavior. With such an overview of your audience, you can relate data to demographics and behavior to a context and draw insights and conclusions what content to target to what type of audience. You can decide on the information you need displayed in contact profiles, filter contacts by marketing metrics you set, and use contacts' information when defining marketing metrics.

Visitors and contacts

A visitor in Sitefinity Insight is any anonymous visitor that has interacted with your company at least once through any channel. A contact, on the other hand, has provided an email address, filled in a web form, or taken any other action to register or deliberately share personal details on your site. A contact may be a single person or a larger entity, such as a company.

A contact is represented by an email address. Sitefinity Insight stores a database with contacts’ details and profiles.

Contact-visitor mapping

When you aggregate visitor data from different sessions or through multiple channels, it is necessary that this data contains information about the visitor identification in the respective systems. Contacts are mapped to visitors usually when they log in or after they enter information in Sitefinity CMS forms. Thus, form field or login data is mapped to this specific contact and Sitefinity Insight identifies the visitors from different sessions as one and the same contact and uses these details in the contact profile.

For more information, see SubjectMapping.

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