Lead scoring

Ensuring people find and visit your site and accumulating a bigger visitor base is just step one on the path to conversion. As a marketer, you need to work closely with sales department and align your visions on your audience, classification of visitors, and what communication to target to what visitors and through what channels. Working together on defining who your most prospects are is key to maximizing conversion rates and influencing the purchasing decisions of the audience.

Lead scoring is the essential methodology you use to rank the visitors you defined as “leads” and measure their readiness to convert. With lead scoring, you rank prospects according to a scale you devise along with sales department. When you have that list with leads and their score, you prioritize and notify sales team to follow up and engage with highest qualified leads with calls or personal emails, for example. You then make sure leads with score below the threshold that cannot be considered as opportunities by the sales team at the moment, are nurtured properly to increase their scores with personalized content, for instance. Thus, marketing teams generate leads through nurturing and targeted and personalized content and sales teams convert these leads.

In a nutshell, the lead scoring model serves as a credible scoring filter for sales and marketing departments working together and sharing knowledge and data.

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