Vetten Group Increases Automation for Close to 100 Data Transfer Tasks for its Ever-Growing Customer Base

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Vetten Group encountered a recurring problem with its numerous data processing systems, which affected other business areas.

  • Overlapping data exchanges made for cumbersome reporting and conflicting customer reports.
  • The combination of an increasing customer base and automated processes within the merchandise management systems created larger queries with shorter reporting intervals.


Once these recurring problems were identified, the IT team began to look for a better managed file/data transfer solution.

  • Deploy MOVEit Automation to streamline the processes between all connected merchandise management systems.
  • Continue to automate the pre-existing data transfer tasks, but in a more focused manner.


After deploying MOVEit, Vetten Group’s IT team members were happy with the new processes.

  • Automation became the norm for over 100 data processing tasks, including those going from warehouse logistics to merchandise management systems.
  • Customers receive data reports in real-time through a new seamless process based around inventory specifications.


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Vetten Group provides customized IT solutions for storage management within several service-oriented industries including transportation, logistics and warehousing. Since the German-based company has been around for over 80 years, Vetten’s customer base has grown significantly. However, with an increase in customers comes an associated list of problems.

Customers in the warehouse logistics space were using an inventory management solution. They could access their inventory through a web-based, online interface. This product could report data back to them via an array of written scripts based on specific time frames. But Vetten needed help with resolving conflicting data reports.

Since the reporting tool would start reporting at specific times set up by the customer and would start the process no matter what, customers were receiving information that needed to be updated or was redundant. Hartmut Wistuba, IT Manager of Vetten Group, mentions how as one client was writing data to a file, the data transfer process started as they were in the middle of writing.

On top of this, error messages were becoming commonplace for a select group of customers. These two issues, combined with a growing client base and a desire to deliver top-of-the-line service to their customers, Wistuba and the IT team sought a file transfer solution that would meet the requirements for these jobs.


Wistuba and his team began using Progress® MOVEit®, because it provided a range of functionality ideal for mitigating these issues.

“The number of our customers grew steadily, and the merchandise management systems were becoming increasingly automated, which increased the query volume and shortened the intervals,” said Wistuba. “With the previous approach, we would not have been able to offer our customers a quality service that meets our own requirements in the long term.”

Vetten started with MOVEit Central, offering outstanding reliability, security and scalability, while also giving the company’s IT team the freedom to write their own scripts. In this way, specific processes became more streamlined.

Wistuba and the IT team continued to improve their file transfer workflows with MOVEit Automation. This deployment came eight years after their first use of MOVEit Central and had a swift changeover but enabled Vetten to increase the number of automated tasks.


Arguably, the most important result is how much better the customer experience is. No longer are customers receiving inaccurate reports and/or receiving error messages about their transfers.

Vetten is delivering on their commitment to providing industry-leading customer service. “Vetten stands for high customer satisfaction and tailor-made logistics solutions,” said Wistuba.

“Accordingly, we attach great importance to delivering a holistic and economical logistics system. We are proud to be able to offer MOVEit to our customers, because it matches the quality of service that meets our high standards.”

In addition to this, nearly 100 tasks are now automated. These include smoother transfer processes between warehouses and better insights into a customer’s inventory/merchandise database. With functions like these completely automated, the day-to-day workday is now more manageable.

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