ORNL Federal Credit Union Delivers User-Friendly Mobile Experiences Through Progress Sitefinity

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ORNL FCU understood that its website needed an overhaul as it proved to be difficult to navigate on mobile devices, which was a platform their customers were using more frequently.


Refreshed the old ORNL FCU website using Sitefinity. Created one consolidated, easy-to-use web experience that delivered seamlessly across mobile devices.


New URL structure for location pages increased SEO rankings for non-brand, brand and product keywords, such as “credit union oak ridge tn”, “ornl bank locations” and “ornl personal loans” to number one.

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ORNL Federal Credit Union was founded in 1948 in Oak Ridge, TN and over the last 70 plus years, the not-for-profit, member-owned financial cooperative expanded into 19 counties across Central East Tennessee and was serving 180,000 members. Their focus has always been providing communities with accounts and financial tools to save money and spend less in efficient ways, and part of doing that was adapting to changing consumer preferences and expectations. This meant providing a streamlined mobile web experience that was consistent and easy to navigate and serving relevant content based on members’ behavior on the site.

On a mission to update its website, Tom Wright, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at ORNL FCU and the marketing team tapped Progress® Sitefinity® DX.

“We are as passionate about issues, ideas and helping organizations in our community thrive as we are about helping our own members,” said Wright. “We understand that the only way we truly thrive, as individuals, as neighborhoods, and as communities, is together.”


ORNL FCU chose Sitefinity as they had previous experience using it, and contacted Sitefinity Premier Partner Spinutech to assist with the implementation.

The credit union began rebranding itself with more modern aesthetics in mind. This meant the inclusion of an improved UI compatible for all devices, consolidating all the content on the site and creating more organized pages for members. While working alongside Spinutech, ORNL FCU built out new content and design strategies that put the customer experience first. Widgets were implemented on Sitefinity’s backend to allow ORNL FCU web admins to change-up the website without the need to write a line of code. This, in turn, made the process of restructuring information and pages on ORNL FCU’s website easier.

Other implementations were Sitefinity’s Google Maps API, which granted both customers and staff members the ability to locate other branches, as well as ATM locations based on GPS location.


ORNL FCU launched its new website in May 2021, and since then, the contemporary design is ADA compliant and end users have been praising its new usability features of the mobile site.

The website administrators have found it much easier to update content on the modernized ORNL FCU website.

Also, regarding written content, the reorganization of the ORNL FCU website and introduction of newer types of blogs and copy allowed for increased SEO attention even for its non-branded pages. After launch, the new site had a much wider reach of keyword coverage and improved keyword rankings.


About ORNL Federal Credit Union

ORNL Federal Credit Union has been around since 1948—a financial cooperative owned by its members and continuing to grow strong while serving thousands by providing the tools and accounts to help them save more and spend less. ORNL has always worked to encourage its members to do just that, and now more than ever, it’s time to get back to the basics. For more information, please visit: www.ornlfcu.com 

About Spinutech

Spinutech is a full-service web design and digital marketing agency that delivers integrated, data-driven solutions that provide measurable results for clients. For more information, please visit: www.spinutech.com 


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