Legal & General America Taps Progress Sitefinity to Make Buying Insurance Easier and Sees a 27% Increase in Sales Conversion Rate

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Legal General & America (LGA) wanted to revamp their site to better align with its digital transformation goals to modernize the life insurance process and delight visitors across the entire customer lifecycle. LGA was on a mission to deliver a better digital customer experience for their customers and advisors that included a rebranded website, complete with a robust keyword strategy to increase traffic and the right toolset to build data-driven marketing strategy.



Implemented a custom form that integrated with internally hosted APIs, Salesforce and the company’s new digital life insurance application platform so customers can get a quote, apply and even get instantly covered for life insurance all from their smartphone.


A new Sitefinity-powered website that reflects the company's digital transformation journey and improved SEO, resulting in more new users visiting the site and an increased conversion rate of 27%.

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For over 70 years, Legal & General America (LGA) has been one of the country’s leading life insurance companies, providing customers of all types, from families to businesses, with dependable and affordable life insurance.


A couple of years ago, starting in 2017, LGA kicked off a company-wide digital transformation initiative, with it’s marketing and IT teams leading the organization towards a forward-thinking way of operating and working. Both teams agreed that a critical component of the success of their digital transformation was their online brand experience. It needed an overhaul to delight visitors across the entire customer lifecycle – from engaging a visitor during their first browse of the website to digitally supporting a customer inquiry.



The team was looking to level-up, starting with the website. They needed the right developer tools and digital marketing capabilities that would enable both marketing and IT to deliver an experience that successfully engaged, converted, supported, and retained customers, advisors, consumers, and policyholders. However, the team did not have the right platform in place to do so. IT needed to maintain the platform at 100% capacity to be able to make minor updates and support marketing requests.

Steve Burton, Legal & General America’s VP of Digital Customer Experience, and Megan Morris, the Brand & Experience Manager at the company, both knew it was time to upgrade the LGA site with modern customers in mind, and better support for clients and existing customers.



Burton and Morris engaged Progress and Progress® Sitefinity® partner because of Sitefinity’s breadth of capabilities and ease of use. The combined efforts with Legal & General America’s IT team,, and Progress, enabled the implementation of a new content and analytics platform to give Legal & General America’s website new customer-focused features and a completely rebranded look and feel that reflects the sensibilities of present-day insurance customers.


One feature highlight is the integration with Salesforce, its digital life insurance platform, and Sitefinity, which was something new to the company. Legal & General America will now be able to follow up with prospects easily, and users can now instantly request a quote for life insurance directly on the new website. Instead of having to pick up the phone and speak to a team member at LGA, customers can now request one on the Sitefinity-powered website and receive a quote much faster than having to talk with an agent.


“A customer can go from our Sitefinity website into an internally-hosted website, where they provide some additional personal information and submit an application where they can potentially get approved and covered instantly,” said Morris. “We are always looking at these new tools to plug into Sitefinity to keep improving the experience that we’re offering on the site.”

Being a leading insurance company looking to protect individuals and families, Legal & General America implemented Siteimprove, which allowed for additional improvements with accessibility. Along with that, Siteimprove enabled the team to start creating benchmarks to measure the site’s performance.

Additionally, since Sitefinity Insight was implemented into Legal & General America’s website, the company can now learn about personas’ behavior and preferences. Through this, Legal & General America can give out specified information to new prospects and set expectations for all customers and advisors at the beginning of their journey.



Legal & General America’s new website launch had an incredibly positive influence on the company.

Legal & General America found that increased users were coming to the site, thanks in part to the new architecture of the site and implementation of a keyword strategy. In fact, in comparison to the previous website, Legal & General America saw a 34% increase in keywords that appeared on search engines. With even more eyes on the Legal & General America site, another crucial statistic started to grow as well. Conversion rates for sales jumped nearly 27% year over year after redoing the website using Sitefinity.

With their new sets of web tools and new digital marketing capabilities from their website now widely available, Burton and Morris are unquestionably proud of these results.

“I feel like every day we find a new tool, or we have a new set of data we want to integrate. Every time we want to do a new integration, it’s so easy to do it,” said Morris. “Sitefinity takes all the headaches away that we used to have.”

Digital transformation is the catalyst behind Legal & General America’s mission to deliver meangingful experiences for customers and partners. presents its current, more modern-focused strategy. It is now the driving force for how the company operates. However, and most importantly, it enables Legal & General America to better serve its 1.5 million customers and continue to protect more families and businesses across the country.

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