Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) Uses MarkLogic to Drive Nuclear Safety



  • Improved discoverability
  • Achieved easier data integration
  • Established data governance
  • Increased efficiencies

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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is one of the nation’s largest nuclear weapon physics and engineering laboratories. The organization uses MarkLogic for discoverying, integrating and managing complex data sets that are large, unpredictable and highly variable, as well as providing contextual information about that data. This helps LLNL conduct tests more efficiently and accurately to ensure nuclear weapon safety.

This is very difficult. If we can do this in MarkLogic, we can do anything in MarkLogic.

Valerie Noble

Director of Applications Management, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


LLNL attempted to resolve its challenges with a document management system, fileshare technology and a relational database, but determined MarkLogic was best suited for the organization’s data management strategy. With MarkLogic, LLNL can manage large, unpredictable, non-heterogenous data sets with optimal functionality. “MarkLogic has the ability to handle high variability, whether you want to store structured data that is indexed or have the metadata and the multi-terabyte file on Tier 2 storage. It’s also flexible with its built-in search and retrieval functionality,” said Valerie Noble.


LLNL was faced with numerous data silos filled with vast amounts of structured and unstructured data. Additionally, tests conducted for nuclear safety produce even more data—and none of this data was linked. LLNL is using MarkLogic to improve the organization’s data management strategy to more effectively maintain nuclear safety.

Improved Discoverability

Prior to MarkLogic, LLNL experienced severe difficulty in discoverying data 6-12 months after it had been created.

Established Traceability

With the new platform, LLNL can track data from design to production for the lifetime of the system.

Achieved Flexibility & Extensibility

According to the organization, MarkLogic stores relationships with far more extensibility and flexibility than a relational solution.

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