CIO June 20, 2012

Software warns in case of fraudulent transactions

Progress solutions "Apama market surveillance and monitoring software helps to control electronic trade platforms in real-time.

Healthcare IT News June 19, 2012

Belgian University Hospital selects DataDirect OpenAccess to improve information exchange

University Hospital Leuven has selected DataDirect OpenAccess to migrate its database.

Visual Studio Magazine June 15, 2012

Traders Magazine June 15, 2012

Prop Shop Question : Buy vs. Build?

Dan Hubscher says prop traders are wary of using the same tech as their competitors.

Channel Insider June 11, 2012

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Vendors claim tradeoffs minimal in SaaS ERP rewrites

Colleen Smith comments on SaaS ERP rewrites.

Industry Week June 9, 2012

Are You Taking Unnecessary Risks with Your Supply Chain?

Guy Courtin explains that how you manage your exposure to risk will determine your company’s success.

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Advanced Training June 4, 2012

How Useful is Social Media-Based Sentiment Analysis to the Buy Side?

John Bates explains why social media sentiment analysis tools are struggling.