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Boston Business Journal

Why Progress has pivoted to take giants like GE and PTC

April 20, 2017

Enterprise Systems April 16, 2012

The Power of Platinum - 20 years of ODBC

Jesse Davis reflects on the past, present and future of ODBC.

Software Development Tools April 13, 2012

Dr. Dobb's Journal April 13, 2012

Pipeline April 12, 2012

Managing the Complete Customer Lifecycle

Sanjay Kumar writes about the customer lifecycle.

SysCon/.NET Developer's Journal April 11, 2012

DCVelocity April 10, 2012

Should you build a control tower?

Guy Courtin comments on the essential element of any control tower.

Mobile Dev & Design April 4, 2012

CMS Critic April 1, 2012

Sitefinity review – a look at Sitefinity 5

Read a comprehensive review of the Sitefinity 5 functionalities by CMS Critic.

Ulitzer April 1, 2012

Waters Technology April 1, 2012

Mission impossible

Article looking at how technology is used in market surveillance to combat abuse.

Inbound Logistics March 30, 2012

Managing Supply Chain Disruptions

Henry Hicks writes about managing supply chain disruptions. March 27, 2012

SaaS Brings HR Functions Into the 21st Century

Matt Cicciari writes about how SaaS brings HR functions into the 21st century.