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Improve Asset Performance Using the “Cognitive” Route

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Move Asset Reliability from Reactive to Predictive

Did you know that the failure of critical assets continues to be the number one operational risk for leading industrial outfits across the world? A recent study by ARC Advisory Group reveals that the global process industry loses up to $20 billion (almost 5% of annual production) due to unscheduled downtime.

Asset reliability is the bedrock for overall operational excellence and can be a huge competitive business differentiator. To achieve 100% reliability of assets, organizations must rethink their current processes, while leveraging existing resources to improve critical asset performance.

Download our latest whitepaper to learn how you can devise a suitable model for operational reliability using cognitive predictive maintenance. This whitepaper will give you an in-depth perspective on how you can:

  • Gain a competitive advantage through asset reliability
  • Improve asset performance using the “cognitive” route
  • Achieve integrated asset reliability with cognitive predictive maintenance

Most manufacturers strive to achieve a smooth operations cycle with minimal disruptions. Let your journey begin.

Download the whitepaper and learn how you can achieve greater asset reliability and performance with predictive maintenance.

About DataRPM

DataRPM, a pioneer in cognitive technology, is enabling asset-intensive organizations across the globe achieve a fail-proof environment, maximizing the yield of their mission-critical assets. Through its award-winning platform, the Cognitive Predictive Maintenance (CPdM) delivers greater than 80% accuracy in asset failure prediction at 1/30th the time and resources, delivering 30% in cost savings and revenue growth. By automating machine learning, voluminous data is ingested and analyzed faster and more accurately, creating a fail-proof environment that boosts asset performance. For asset-intensive organizations, this level of automation directly translates into immense cost savings through higher availability and enhanced reliability of assets.

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