The Value of Comprehensive Integration: It’s like Dagwood’s Sandwich

The Value of Comprehensive Integration: It’s like Dagwood’s Sandwich

March 19, 2012 0 Comments

Like the iconic sandwich from the Blondie comic strip, comprehensive integration is all about options.

As a stand alone, a single ingredient (i.e. lettuce, tomatoes or your favorite condiment) isn’t the real deal, but when you’re able to systematically combine them into a complete and compelling offering (i.e. fresh mayo + roast-beef + tomatoes+ melted cheese), the result is irresistible. My mouth is watering. Care to join me for lunch?

Dagwood Sandwich

The value of comprehensive integration lies in its ability to offer a broad array of capabilities that appeal to a wide audience and solve the simplest to most complex integration challenges. The benefit of this approach is that you can build an integration infrastructure that is more flexible and responsive to the changing needs of your business. Ultimately, it means you have the control over your integration infrastructure - just as you do your sandwich.  You can decide what your requirements are, and you can  modify them as your business needs change. You can add more capabilities or less as needed – avoiding costly inefficiencies and technology overlap.


-        Multi-dimensional – not limited to a single best-of-breed product capability, but offering a full array of integration capabilities such as application integration, governance, real-time data transformation, process management, and B2B integration

-        Real-time – able to meet real-time integration requirements

-        Agile and responsive – can be easily modified to accommodate changing business requirements and priorities

-        Less complex – streamlines multiple capabilities and reduces duplicate technologies and processes

-        Modular and flexible – not a stack that locks you in or requires an “all-or-nothing” approach


In my next blog, I will share use-cases that highlight the value of comprehensive integration in action.


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