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  • Join us at the XML 2007 Conference!

    The annual XML Conference is always a great opportunity to hear about XML technologies from the people that work on XML standards and products. This year's XML 2007 Conference is happening in Boston, starting on the...
    by Minollo
    November 19, 2007
  • Yes! You can finally query your office documents!

    When I was working on an XML database in the late nineties, I remember hearing a lot of noise about the fact that — finally! — XML would allow for real reuse and collaboration when working with applications like word processors and spreadsheet editors. Copy like "Data is finally disjoint from format;...
    by Minollo
    October 22, 2007
  • Why You Should Convert between EDI and XML

    EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) pre-dates XML by several years; people started using the term EDI to describe the transfer of data, typically across multiple companies, often using VANs (Value Added Networks) or the Internet. Many standards bodies have been creating EDI standards in the past...
    by Minollo
    October 16, 2007
  • SOA Governance: Carrot or stick?

    "Back when I was on the Architecture Committee, the developers never listened to me.  But, now that I'm Enterprise Architect, I'll show them.  I'll put in so many governance policies that they won't know what hit them.  And there's nothing they can do about it -...

    October 09, 2007
  • Microsoft's OpenXML a reality?

    Various sources are reporting that Microsoft may finally be serious about throwing the full weight of their considerable resources behind OpenXML. I would caution however that opening bubbly might be a touch premature as we still have a long wait until the specifications are deemed complete. As...
    December 05, 2005