Tag: efficiency

  • Application use thriving in office settings

    The application has strong connections to the consumer technology world, but it has increasingly earned its stripes as a business concept. These pieces of software have, in their specific functionalities, become critical for keeping offices connected. Mobile devices are extending business efficiency...
    February 25, 2014
  • DevOps procedures have a definite goal

    Basic concepts can become complex quickly. The word "agile" is a great example, a simple adjective that is now associated with numerous efforts to smooth the application deployment process. "DevOps" is in a similar boat. You may be asking yourself if processes carried out under this name are real...
    January 17, 2014
  • The Server Consolidation Bottleneck

    It would be unoriginal for me to submit some sort of apology for the delay between my posts, so I won't offer one. I'm unsure who would care if I neglected to include one anyhow. ^_^

    One of the subjects that I have been doing a lot of business research into of late is one of the current...
    March 03, 2008