Tackling Cassandra Data Integration

Tackling Cassandra Data Integration

November 20, 2014 0 Comments

NoSQL databases are all the rage these days. A recent article by Matt Asay at InfoWorld argues that though Hadoop gets all of the credit for big data’s popularity, it’s actually NoSQL databases that are more often deployed. In fact, “while shopping for a Hadoop vendor is relatively straightforward, picking a NoSQL database is anything but. There are, after all, in excess of 100 NoSQL databases.”

Matt lists MongoDB, HBase and Cassandra as three NoSQL databases to watch. If you’re a longtime Data Connections blog reader, you know that we’ve developed relationships with a number of these database providers – attending MongoDB Days and Cassandra Summit earlier this year.

Now we’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with DataStax, the company that delivers Cassandra to the enterprise, to provide customers with enterprise-ready data connectivity and integration solution – the Progress DataDirect for Cassandra Driver.

The driver, currently in preview, is architected to normalize data while delivering the highest performance available. Other solutions flatten the data, which is an architectural shortcut that complicates BI and can result in data loss. With the DataDirect driver, data is appropriately mapped between SQL and NoSQL with zero data loss. And because users of Cassandra are often dealing with massive volumes of data, the Progress DataDirect driver ensures it can be processed with the velocity demanded by systems that operate at cloud-scale.

The Progress DataDirect partnership with DataStax demonstrates growing need for Cassandra support in the enterprise. As the data landscape grows, companies will see a need for a solution that can process high-volume, high velocity data capture and analysis. Cassandra fills that void, and the DataDirect for Cassandra driver serves as the connector between data and actionable insights.

Stay tuned to our blog and @DataDirect_News for more info on the Progress DataDirect for Cassandra driver, and you’ll be the first to know when it’s available to the public!

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