SQL in a NoSQL World: Progress Heads to MongoDB World 2015

SQL in a NoSQL World: Progress Heads to MongoDB World 2015

May 29, 2015 0 Comments

The era of Big Data is here, and with it are a slew of new technologies designed for high-volume, scalable and agile data access. While this is definitely a good thing, a lot of organizations that rely on traditional relational database management systems (RDBMS) or tools that require SQL-based connectivity may feel like they’re being left out in the cold. The Progress® DataDirect® team wants to show these organizations that they have nothing to fear.

Non-relational? No problem!

In our 2015 Data Connectivity Outlook survey, we found that, once again, MongoDB is the clear leader of the NoSQL pack and is only expected to grow. Armed with that knowledge, we’re ready to showcase the advantages of our ODBC/JDBC for MongoDB solution.

DataDirect ODBC and JDBC access to MongoDB provides instant, plug-and-play integration with existing infrastructure, making it easy to elevate and expand your organization’s MongoDB footprint. Unlike other drivers, DataDirect doesn’t flatten your data into a single, enormous table. We normalize non-relational data into relational views that preserve the complex structure of MongoDB while keeping it easy to work with. Additionally, we provide support for mapping complex JSON, including arrays and deeply nested document structures as well as powerful tools for your relational schema representation.

Hitting the road with ODBC/JDBC for MongoDB

So how do you learn more about SQL access to NoSQL databases? Come see us at the show!

Sumit Sarkar, Chief Data Evangelist at Progress DataDirect, will be continuing his NoSQL Roadshow at MongoDB world. To use his words, “existing infrastructure requirements should not dictate developers’ freedom of choice in a database.” During his session, Sumit will be setting developers free and discussing common challenges and gotchas that shops face when exposing unstructured and semi-structured data using established data connectivity standards.

Your personal invitation

Be sure attend Sumit’s session and stop by our booth where I’ll be demoing our MongoDB 8.0 driver using some data I’ve gathered about the Star Wars movies. I probably don’t need to tell you that I’m a huge fan.

If you can’t attend the show, you can always find more information and free trials for ODBC/JDBC for MongoDB and many other data sources on our website.

Idaliz Baez

Idaliz is a Sales Engineer with Progress. After receiving her undergraduate degree from Duke University in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Idaliz Baez spent a year at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center gaining on-the-job experience before returning to Duke in pursuit of her Masters of Engineering Management degree. 

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