NativeScript is the Cross-Platform Glue for Your Native Apps

NativeScript is the Cross-Platform Glue for Your Native Apps

Posted on June 20, 2017 0 Comments
NativeScript is the Cross-Platform Glue for Your Native Apps_870x220

NativeScript makes it easy to get native performance on mobile apps. Just ask SAP, whose enterprise app modeler relies on NativeScript for peak performance.

User expectations for mobile applications continue to increase, and performance is a critical differentiator. As users become more and more picky about which applications they will download and use, they will increasingly gravitate towards those which both work fluidly and utilize an intuitive look and feel. Traditionally, addressing this has meant compromising in one way or another—employing dedicated platform-specific teams to create native performant apps for each operating system, or employing a single team to create a less performant hybrid app that is cross-platform.

NativeScript was created to eliminate this compromise. From a single codebase in JavaScript, TypeScript or Angular, you can create apps that deliver the fully native user experience and performance. That means you just need one team to get the best of both worlds. On top of that, most developers are already familiar with one or more of these languages, making it easy to recruit talent or even utilize existing talent within your organization.

SAP Chooses NativeScript

SAP recently debuted their SAP Enterprise App Modeler (SEAM). This is a large and complex application for designing mobile apps, and performance was absolutely essential. Building it in native languages would have been slow and costly, and using a traditional hybrid solution would not have delivered on the performance front. The solution was NativeScript. As Lisa Haag of SAP put it,

SEAM utilizes NativeScript, which… can take JavaScript input and render it out as native code. Running native code on the device provides a huge advantage in terms of power and performance.

Haag went on to add that during a crucial step, the efficiency of NativeScript was particularly noteworthy. By leveraging a metadata-first approach, the business logic, business objects and user interface are rendered at runtime. This architecture is key to removing much of the application extension complexity. Through SEAM, less technical users can now create and modify mobile applications. NativeScript ensures the solution runs fast and accurately across numerous device operating systems and screen resolutions.

Mobile Application Development Made Easy

When it came down to performance and developer efficiency, simply put, NativeScript was the best choice for SAP—they couldn’t have achieved results that were that good as quickly as they did without it.

Whether it’s for a complex enterprise environment or an individual developer, NativeScript is a powerful solution for native, cross-platform mobile development. Free and open-source, NativeScript is supported by a large community of developers and it’s easy to get started.

Unlike some open-source projects, NativeScript is also backed by a major supporter in Progress, so you can feel certain this framework is here to stay. That’s also what allows us to offer world-class enterprise support, powerful UI tools and the all-new NativeScript Sidekick—all solutions designed to help get your apps built better and faster.

SAP is just one of many organizations using NativeScript to build high-performance mobile apps. Gartner recognized Progress this year as a Leader in Mobile Development Application Platforms, and NativeScript is one of the reasons why. To see how it can work for you, you can find out more below.

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Dan Wilson

Dan Wilson is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Mobility technology at Progress. Dan has extensive experience growing technology focused products and services. He got his first taste of fast-moving bleeding edge tech when he joined his first start-up in 1999. Prior to joining Progress, Dan founded and directed a consulting practice for 10 years. 


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