Meet Megan Gouveia, Marketing Director at Progress

Meet Megan Gouveia, Marketing Director at Progress

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Today, we shine a spotlight on Megan Gouveia, who has been recognized for “Dare to Innovate,” one of the ProgressPROUD core values we strive to embody every day.

Megan Gouveia has always been intrigued by user behavior. After getting her start in the world of digital strategy and analytics, she made her way to Progress, where she was able to leverage her love of data to drive optimal user experiences.

A self-proclaimed data junkie and sports fanatic, Megan is always looking for what’s next in digital marketing. Learn more about her in the interview below.

How did you get into the tech field?

I was a History and Spanish major in college. When I graduated, I was hoping to use my Spanish degree in international business. My first job was for a technology startup, where I was exposed to various aspects of marketing. I was immediately drawn to user experience and user behavior. I didn’t have a design background, so I leaned on the emergence of digital and digital analytics to help build my knowledge of the user and how they were engaging with companies. Most of my career has been focused on digital strategy, web operations, conversion rate optimization and digital analytics.

While at Progress, I’ve been able to tie all those disciplines together to evolve my career. Conversion rate optimization heavily relies on digital analytics and digital strategy. Digital strategy helps me focus on the big picture and tie all aspects of digital marketing together, including how visitors are coming to the site, what they are doing and where they are going.

Having a team that focuses on digital strategy, digital analytics, search engine optimization and paid search really starts to round out the view of how all digital marketing disciplines work together to drive an optimal user experience.

How do innovation and creativity factor into your day-to-day work?

The digital space is quite dynamic. It is constantly changing. We use tools to understand the full journey of our visitors; how they arrive at our site, what they engage with and where they convert. Understanding the visitor’s journey enables us to think of ways to simplify their journey and provide an easier way for them to find what they need and convert.

We work directly with the web designers to visualize what we are hoping to change and then propose our changes to product marketing and demand generation. Sometimes our changes are A/B tested, whereas other times we just roll them out to see how the visitor behavior changes. It is very interesting and even rewarding to see how the visitors interact with your changes.

What is your favorite part of your job right now?

Deep down I am a data junkie. I love diving into the data to see how visitors are engaging with our site—where they are going, what they engage with and where they convert. I love collaborating with the different teams and stakeholders to brainstorm the most effective way to improve their journey, while ensuring that our recommendations are aligned with their overarching marketing goals. It's like one big brainstorm session with data to guide you.

What do you think makes Progress a great company?

The sense of family. Progress cares so much about its employees. I have worked at companies where the CEO is rarely seen. That is not the case here at Progress. When I was in the office, I always saw Yogesh (Gupta, CEO) walking around, making himself available, getting to know his employee base. That is someone who cares and leads by example.

Our organization not only cares about building and selling software, but it also keeps its employees and community at the forefront. From our Employee Resource Groups to our charitable giving programs, we take care of each other and celebrate those around us.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do?

Honestly, it’s a toss-up. I am either at some kind of sporting event or out and about in nature. I love watching my children in their sports. Whether it’s soccer, hockey, futsal or lacrosse, I can be found on the field or at the rink cheering them on. We even spend a lot of time going to watch college and professional sports together and cheering on our favorites.

When we are game free, you can find my husband and me exploring nature. You name it, we do it: hiking, biking, kayaking, snowshoeing and skiing. Every chance we get, we really try to enjoy the outdoors.

If you weren’t doing the job you have now, what do you think you’d be doing?

That’s a tough one. The choices are endless. Possibly a private school teacher or a college professor. Maybe I’d be a museum curator or even an inn keeper. I love the thought of shaping the minds of others, especially those who are passionate about learning. But the thought of providing a cozy, relaxing place for those who explore nature is intriguing as well.

What are you most excited about for the future of Progress?

To see what next piece of technology will join our portfolio. I am always excited to see how we continue to build out our portfolio and our employee base. It’s always great meeting new people and bringing them into the Progress family.

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Jessica Kent of Progress

Jessica Kent

Jessica Kent was a content specialist at Progress.


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