Launching the 1st Vendor-Agnostic Hybrid Data Gateway

Launching the 1st Vendor-Agnostic Hybrid Data Gateway

May 31, 2017 0 Comments
Cloud Expo NY 2017
Join us at Cloud Expo June 6-8 to find out how to securely connect your cloud app to any cloud or on-premises data source—without complex firewall changes.

More users are demanding access to on-premises data from their cloud applications. It’s no longer a “nice-to-have” but an important differentiator that drives competitive advantages. It’s the new “must have” in the hybrid era.

Users want capabilities that give them a unified view of the data to get closer to customers and grow business. They’re dealing with greater volumes of data than ever before, and much of this resides behind corporate firewalls. Traditional approaches for exposing this data, such as VPN and SSH tunneling are difficult to manage and not engineered for the cloud.

If you want to create a frictionless data access experience for your customers, join us at Cloud Expo, June 6-8 in New York City. This year we’re showcasing the industry’s first vendor-agnostic data gateway, which is engineered for the cloud for secure, scalable and firewall-friendly connectivity. Keep reading and stop by booth #417 to learn more!

Hybrid Connectivity Engineered for Your Cloud

Using our vendor-agnostic data gateway, your cloud app can access any cloud or on-premises data source behind the firewall without requiring IT to change the firewall configuration. Also, our gateways are available as a hosted and self-hosted version: DataDirect Cloud and Hybrid Data Pipeline.

Hybrid Connectivity

Unlike VPN, SSH and other traditional solutions for traversing the firewall, our gateway is engineered for the cloud:

  • Secure, firewall-friendly access to on-premises data via standard SQL or REST
  • API throttling protects cloud resources
  • Data access scales horizontally with your cloud
  • Flexible deployment—host in your cloud or we can host it for you in AWS
  • RESTify RDBMS (Oracle, SQL Server), Analytics DBs (Teradata, Vertica, Netezza)* and Hadoop or Spark-based data stores (Hive, Phoenix*, Spark SQL) for cloud applications

*Expanded source support planned for summer release

Progress Sessions at Cloud Expo

We're proud to sponsor Cloud Expo this year! At the event, we’ll be hosting sessions covering a variety of topics.

Building a Hybrid Data Pipeline for Salesforce and Hadoop (June 6, 11 am)

My team embarked on building a data lake for our sales and marketing data to better understand customer journeys. This required building a hybrid data pipeline to connect our cloud CRM with the new Hadoop Data Lake. One challenge is that IT was not in a position to provide support until we proved value and marketing did not have the experience, so we embarked on the journey ourselves within the product marketing team for our line of business within Progress. The key to delivering on this was using standard interfaces using a bi-directional data pipeline to connect the systems. On the Salesforce side, we were able to get frictionless access to the data lake using clicks-not-code via OData. On the Hadoop side, we were able to ingest data from Salesforce using JDBC for Apache Sqoop. Join us to hear best practices and lessons learned. 

Sumit Sarkar, Chief Data Evangelist 

Welcome to the Era of Open Analytics (June 6, 2:35 pm)

Cloud applications are seeing a deluge of requests to support the exploding advanced analytics market. “Open analytics” is the emerging strategy to deliver that through an open data access layer, in the cloud, to be directly consumed by external analytics tools and popular programming languages. An increasing number of data engineers and data scientists use a variety of platforms and advanced analytics languages such as SAS, R, Python and Java, as well as frameworks such as Hadoop and Spark. Cloud APIs are commonly designed to support application integration representing a disconnect with the analytics ecosystem. These combined trends create significant demand for a “bring-your-own-analytics” (BYOA) capability for cloud applications. Your cloud may already be smart, but giving users frictionless access to your data will make everyone smarter. 

Sumit Sarkar, Chief Data Evangelist 

Cognitive Computing is Only a Starting Point! (June 6, 4 pm)

Using machine learning to make a business prediction or conclusion is a good starting point, but it’s not enough. You can make all the predictions in the world, but if you can’t operationalize these predictions in your business processes and business applications, your analytics will go to waste. After all, what use are predictions if you can’t leverage them to generate better outcomes? This session will discuss the business and technical complexity that stands in the way of productive analytics and application development. Topics covered include the necessary requirements for successful next-gen business applications and high-level architecture and business considerations required to achieve a cognitive-first approach.

Presenter: Mark Troester, VP of Strategy

Demo Theater: Super Simple Hybrid Data Access (June 7, 11:55 am)

Learn about the first vendor-agnostic data gateway that provides secure firewall-friendly access to back-office data from any cloud, independent of vendor or technology. 

 Matthew Monahan, Senior Manager for Global Solutions Engineering 

Panel Discussion: Cloud Computing: Is Your Cloud Getting Smarter? (June 7, 12:50 pm)

Automation is enabling enterprises to design, deploy and manage more complex hybrid cloud environments. Yet the people who manage these environments must be trained in and understand these environments better than ever before. A new era of analytics and cognitive computing is adding intelligence, but also more complexity, to these cloud environments. How smart is your cloud? How smart should it be? This panel looks at the evolving nature of the hybrid cloud, how it affects enterprise IT staffing requirements, and what skills are needed to be successful. 

Mark Troester, VP of Strategy 

See you in New York. You’ll look great in our custom argyle socks! Yes, they’re a thing.


Nishanth Kadiyala

Nishanth Kadiyala is a Technical Marketing Manager at Progress. He got his B.Tech degree from IIT Guwahati and his MBA from UNC Chapel Hill. He has worked on several technologies including database designing, SQL querying and Cloud Computing in the past. Currently, he is committed to educating enterprises about standards based connectivity via ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET and OData. He is also proficient with DataDirect Hybrid Connectivity Services – DataDirect Cloud and Hybrid Data Pipeline. You can stay in touch with him through Twitter.

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