Increasing Restaurant Profitability with Progress

Increasing Restaurant Profitability with Progress

Posted on October 30, 2014 0 Comments

Franchise Technologies graphicFranchise Technologies, a leading provider of POS software systems and a Progress Partner for over 20 years, is making the Quick Serve Restaurant industry more efficient and cost effective by using Progress Rollbase, Modulus and OpenEdge.

In case you aren’t familiar with Franchise Technologies, they provide POS software integration and operations solutions to 35,000 licenses and over 3 million users in more than 15 countries around the world. The company’s ability to continuously adapt to change and capitalize on new opportunities has enabled it to differentiate its state-of-the-art solutions in today’s competitive global market. Franchise Technologies stands out above its competition in keeping up with the rapid pace of change, including new regulations, increasing customer expectations and the rapid emergence of disruptive technologies.

That’s why CEO Carl Pritchard chose Progress to help the company undertake the evolving technology landscape, and manage the uptick of new devices that need to be supported. With Progress Rollbase, Franchise Technologies can develop web based and mobile applications with the same development tool. Additionally, with Modulus, the company can integrate different systems as well as adapt and scale those systems as time goes on. Finally, Franchise Technologies can leverage the Open Source community in order to use OpenEdge for business logic.

With so many great uses for Progress solutions, it’s no wonder Franchise Technologies is one of the most widely deployed POS Software Systems in the Quick Serve Restaurant Industry. Watch the video below to learn more, or sign up for a free trial of Progress Modulus.

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