How to Tame Your Raw Data with Easyl + Tableau

How to Tame Your Raw Data with Easyl + Tableau

August 04, 2014 0 Comments

Manually building sales reports, performance dashboards and lead analyses can be a productivity killer. Not only does it take time to compile what you need from multiple data sources, but once you've gone through the initial process you have to redo it all over again the next time you need a report. Wouldn't it be nice to get a comprehensive view of customer activity and sales, across different data sources, and in a single dashboard that’s easy to use and update in real-time?

With DataDirect and Tableau, you can do just that. During a recent webinar we co-hosted with Dustin Smith, Product Marketing Manager at Tableau, we demoed how easy it is to use Progress Easyl and Tableau solutions to empower marketing teams to easily integrate data across systems.

Breaking down the demo, we first, we ran a scenario where we conducted complex joins with a single data source using Easyl. Then, we were able to easily analyze campaign performance with Tableau.

The second scenario integrated three data sources from difference databases without duplication. Once consolidated, we were able to segment all the contacts them with ease to deliver real-time dashboards.

With just a few clicks, we were easily able to go from data-to-dashboard with Easyl + Tableau, uniting data across multiple sources and self-servicing without hours of manual efforts or needing to involve IT.

If you’re interested in enabling your organization to do the same, watch the webinar here.

You can also download a free trial of Progress Easyl and see for yourself.



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