How Telerik Platform Supports Mobile Data Connectivity

How Telerik Platform Supports Mobile Data Connectivity

July 20, 2016 0 Comments

Telerik Mobile Backend as a Service enables intuitive cloud backend for mobile applications. Here is how they support powerful connectivity to your favorite database.

Developing and scaling mobile apps for iOS and Android can be challenging. Merely designing and developing the UI/UX for your app is difficult and time consuming, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Creating secure and scalable infrastructure and services to power your app is often the greatest challenge.

Mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS) makes it easier for developers to set up, use and operate a cloud backend for mobile applications. Using a backend service platform can lead to considerable productivity gains, enabling developers to spend more crafting outstanding app experiences.

Telerik Platform is equipped with a comprehensive set of backend services such as data storage, user management, push notifications, offline support and integration with social networking services. Here is a full list of all services supported by Telerik Platform:

Telerik Backend Services

Backend Services allows mobile app developers to access their existing data by securely connecting to existing databases through the use of prebuilt data connectors. It simplifies data integration by allowing you to pull in data from your existing data sources, including relational and non-relational databases such as SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Salesforce, PostgreSQL and more. Through leveraging preconfigured push notifications, messaging and user management for your apps, you considerably reduce development time and resource requirements.

Backend Services transforms enterprise data into mobile-friendly JSON format along with managing caching, data synchronization and end-to-end security. The following image illustrates how your data gets from its originating source to your app.

From Your Data Source to Your App

Where Does DataDirect Come In?

Progress DataDirect reduces cost and drives efficiency through premium data connectivity. With connectivity to over 40 existing enterprise databases and applications, DataDirect drivers provide industry-standard SSL-based, secure access to all of them—even those housed behind a firewall.

How does this work? You download and install a Java-based app, the Data Link Server, and simply point to your on-premises data storage. You create mapped content and your data stays in house using a backend API. Free REST API over your data!

Point and Click

The best part? DataDirect connectivity is automatically built into Backend Services, giving you enterprise-grade connectivity from the start. The graphic below illustrates the backend services architecture.

Backend architecture

Why Do You Need a Backend Service?

This is all great, but what value does it provide you? What are the key differences between having an mBaaS provider and doing it all yourself?

Without Backend Services

App building is from the ground up.

You have to:

  • Manually set up servers
  • Build Integration Services from scratch
  • Develop user management and security
  • Create and integrate Push notifications for each of the platforms
  • Native service integration for caching, offline, push notifications
  • Build social login
  • Implement your own single sign-on (SSO)

With Backend Services

Everything is set up for you!

No need to deal with:

  • Configuring the serverSimple
  • Setting up and configuring the database
  • Managing data (relational and non-Relational)
  • Managing users
  • Frameworks for securing data
  • Setting up push notifications
  • Building connections to existing databases
  • Integrating native services

This approach saves significant time and effort.

Backend Services Relies on DataDirect Drivers

Simplify your mobile app development with powerful backend services. Using a cloud-based mBaaS can take your app development productivity to a new dimension. Focus on creating amazing user experiences rather than spending time building infrastructure and conducting constant server maintenance. And easily connect all your data sources with Progress DataDirect drivers.

The Telerik Platform and Backend Services enable developers to develop cross-platform mobile apps faster. Try it today!

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Suzanne Rose

Suzanne Rose

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