Get Spark SQL Connectivity to Hadoop Fast

Get Spark SQL Connectivity to Hadoop Fast

September 20, 2015 0 Comments

With the latest release of Progress DataDirect for Apache Spark SQL, DataDirect is the first and only supporter of all "SQL on Hadoop" options.

In the beginning there was Apache Hive. And the Hadoop early adopters were pleased. But then the data flood came and a cry went out—“Faster!” Cloudera gave us Impala, and Pivotal followed with Pivotal HAWQ. And, indeed, they were faster. But the flood grew larger, and again the cry went out—“Faster!” And so Spark and Spark SQL were created. And there was much rejoicing.

Well, maybe not rejoicing exactly, but you get the point.

Stem the Tide of Data

Spark, and in particular, Spark SQL is HOT. Big Data can be overwhelming and there have never been more players and more choices in the “SQL on Hadoop” space. Choice means that data scientists and business analysts alike can find a solution that meets their needs for Big Data analytics.

With the entrance of Spark SQL as the most powerful and adaptable real-time Hadoop data access solution yet available, it’s time for the fastest and most complete standards-based connectivity solution to support Spark—it’s time to discuss Progress® DataDirect® for Apache Spark SQL!

The Latest in Spark SQL Connectivity

A couple of weeks ago, we launched the full release of DataDirect for Apache Spark SQL on all Hadoop distributions and all supported platforms. Our support for Spark SQL demonstrates our continued commitment to be the only provider that supports all SQL on Hadoop technologies across the full range of distributions and platforms.

Key benefits of our new Spark SQL connectivity include:

  • Increased data scientist productivity through Spark SQL and market-leading data visualization and analytics tools such as Tableau, QlikView, Microstrategy and Congos
  • An instant connection from SQL-based third-party applications to data stored in Hadoop, enabling easy integration of insights
  • Decreased time-to-solution for Hadoop-based, Spark SQL-powered predictive analytics projects such as web personalization and product recommendation

Start Connecting Today

Spark SQL is a key technology in today’s data landscape, and DataDirect is pleased to provide the only enterprise connectivity solution that supports Spark SQL and all other SQL on Hadoop technologies.

Head to the Progress site for more information and a free trial of our latest Spark SQL driver today.

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