Delivering Digital Experience can Improve Your Business

Delivering Digital Experience can Improve Your Business

Posted on February 27, 2020 0 Comments
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Are you on the path of improving your digital experience, or wondering if you should be? Come join us to talk about how to build great digital experiences.

More and more companies, and analysts, are turning their focus on digital experiences and how best to deliver them. Progress recently conducted an extensive survey of more than 900 business leaders around the world to shed some light into their conference rooms. One of the major findings was that over 48% of leaders surveyed stated that their companies have made or are making significant inroads toward delivering an improved digital experience within the next 12 months. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are making moves toward better customer engagements through their digital experience.

B2B and B2C Converging under Digital Experience

One of the many interesting trends coming out of this survey was how the B2C market is the driver of customer expectations, however, more and more customers are bringing these expectations into their B2B relationships. In fact, eMarketer released a chart late last year identifying the impact of customer engagement activities to B2B and B2C bases.

The results were incredibly similar, which indicates consumers are bringing their engagement expectations into their business relationships. This now opens the door to expanding the reach of your B2C knowledge and insights into your B2B models. The lines are blurring quickly and are converging under Digital Experience.

To illustrate how digital experiences can impact any business, listen to our webinar with Nova Scotia Power and Silvertech. Here you will find a utility company, with very little to no competition, make the decision to invest in improving their digital experience, starting with their customer support organization. As this story unfolds, it’s revealed that the path to impactful, seamless, digital experiences results in improved customer success, reduction of operational costs, and increase in revenue opportunity.

Join Us for the Latest Digital Experience Insights

Do you want to know more and hear stories from both partners and industry-leading analysts? Our Digital Agency partners are hosting several events, along with Ted Schadler, Vice President & Principal Analyst at Forrester, and myself, to bring you the latest in digital experience insights and recent case studies of strategic deployments. If your company is on the path of improving your digital experience, or you just want to learn more, we might be coming to your area. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from the leaders in this space.

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Gregg Shupe

Gregg Shupe

Gregg Shupe has nearly 20 years of professional marketing experience across a broad range of industries including enterprise IT, consumer electronics and telecommunications. While focused on delivering Digital Experience Strategies, Shupe has a proven track record of helping companies and business partners digitally transform their organizations into the modern era.


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