Celebrating 40 Years of Progress OpenEdge

Celebrating 40 Years of Progress OpenEdge

Posted on December 01, 2021 0 Comments
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Take a trip down memory lane with Progress OpenEdge as we celebrate four decades of memories and the impact OpenEdge has had on businesses worldwide.

Progress OpenEdge (4GL, Data Language Corporation) is celebrating a major milestone this month—40 years—and we couldn’t have done it without our community of customers and partners. A lot has happened over the past 40 years in technology, and our OpenEdge users are no different. You’ve had the opportunity to leave your mark on the world.

A few short months ago, we invited our customers to share their memories of OpenEdge, and now we’d like to share what was shared with us. We saw so many great photos and stories. This blog highlights just a few, but to see more we have compiled a video to share all the submissions we received.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

“The best memories will always be the friends I made and continue to make in this Progress OpenEdge world.”
Fabio Dantas
Indústria e Comércio

Over the years we’ve seen the special relationship our OpenEdge users have not only with us, but with each other. We’ve always heard that there is something special about the OpenEdge community, and your memories show your appreciation for OpenEdge.

OpenEdge 40th blog photo 1
Wilhelmus van der Ham, Director
WITS di W. van der Ham & C. sas

Wilm also shared his OpenEdge memories, which you can find here.

The Impact of OpenEdge

“I first found out about Progress in the mid 1980s. We were customer number 98, I believe...Been using it since and prefer it over other products.”
Paul Duggan, President 

At Progress, we’ve seen the tremendous impact of OpenEdge. Its reliability, cost-effectiveness and focus on addressing evolving demands continue to make Progress OpenEdge a wise investment for 100k+ businesses worldwide.

In fact, we’ve seen so many customers become successful from their use of OpenEdge, it’s hard to pick just one story to share. But if we must, Meals on Wheels really stands out.

With the goal of making sure those that count on the program each day will not go hungry or be disappointed by their meal, Meals on Wheels successfully streamlined their warehouse and inventory management with Kechie, an enterprise resource planning system designed by My Office Apps and built on Progress OpenEdge. Read the full case study to learn more.

Forty years in business wouldn’t have been possible without our OpenEdge community, and we’re looking forward to being your trusted provider for many more years to come!

Please join us at our thank you concert featuring the Yacht Rock Review on December 16th at 10am ET.

Register for the Celebration Concert

Isle of Man Enterprises

OpenEdge 40th blog photo 2
Teppo Määttänen, Consultant
TR-Tiimi Oy

Thank You! From The OpenEdge Team

On behalf of the entire team, thank you for sharing these memories with us. We're excited to have shared these past 40 years with you, and we can’t wait to see what the coming years have in store for us.

To view more of the memories submitted, check out our OpenEdge video.

Jordan Barrett headshot

Jordan Barrett

Jordan Barrett was a part of the Demand Generation team at Progress assisting with OpenEdge, DataDirect and Corticon solutions.


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