Actional Business Process Visibility (Definition)

Actional Business Process Visibility (Definition)

Posted on March 26, 2009 0 Comments

I haven't been writing much (here) lately but, well, I've been thinking of writing.

The process is weird. Topics come into my head often enough but I talk myself out of sharing. I'm not sure how useful they are or how biased I'd sound.

I'm working on the outline for training materials integrating Sonic and Actional, and I had to explain Actional Business Processes (tracking of)  to some new people.

As I did that, I remembered hearing a prospect earlier this week say "Actional sounds good but really functions more at an IT level, we're interested in monitoring at a business level."

I must admit my bias but Actional not only monitors at a business level, but we tie it back to the IT level, to achieve two great benefits:

  1. Business people and IT people can communicate because they are working off the same vocabulary of processes, services, KBI's, Dimensions, etc;
  2. Staff can look at the same picture (automatically drawn and updated in real time) and see the business impact of a technology change/failure, and vice versa.

My definition to the training team earlier today went something like...

"Remember how Actional automatically learns flows. Well, Actional business processes are really just named sub-flows. Meaning, without any orchestration or BPM we can take a 'free form sub-flow,' name it, and we have something we call a business process that we can track as a unit. We can track it that way even in a shared environment, so shared components report in only their statistics for that process, when implementing policy or service level agreements. If other processes or services use those shared components, we can separate all the different performance statistics (for policy based management) so that things aren't lost in the average statistics as they are with so many other management systems."

You saw our press release earlier this week about Q1's results. Actional rocked, again.

It's because we do some really unique, creative and relevant stuff, like business process visibility.

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