9-Reasons to Use Sonic for Your Next IBM Websphere MQ Project

9-Reasons to Use Sonic for Your Next IBM Websphere MQ Project

Posted on July 27, 2007 0 Comments

You have to simply stand back and admire a crisp and clear expression of a product's differentiators in a complex and competitive market. Working with some of our recently-delighted customers, erstwhile subscribers to IBM blah-blah-blah, our Sonic team developed this crisp expression of Sonic's advantages over IBM -- and where in an IBM Websphere MQ deployment you are likely to find them. Hat's off to the Sonic team!

Nine Reasons to Consider SonicMQ for Your Next Websphere MQ Project

  • Because… when a broker fails, SonicMQ provides a hot mirrored backup broker so that:1) No messages are trapped in the failed broker. 2) There is no need for specialized disk devices or expensive hardware. 3) There is less error handling code needed in your applications.
  • Because… when a network connection fails, SonicMQ provides automatic reconnection to the hot mirrored backup broker so that:4) There is no loss in state associated with the message exchange. 5) There are no lost messages between your application and the broker. 6) There are no duplicate messages or out-of-order conditions as a result of restarting the application.
  • Because… when anything changes in your broker or client deployment, SonicMQ provides distributed configuration management so that:7) You don’t have to spend time assessing the impact to your topology 8) You don’t have to find and update dozens or even hundreds of configuration files across multiple possibly remotely located machines. 9) You don’t waste time debugging all those manual configuration changes or rolling back your changes.

If these nine reasons aren’t enough to convince you that your next WebSphere MQ application isn’t better served by SonicMQ, then we’ll have to give you the names of our capital markets clients, airport operations clients, medical device clients, ERP vendor clients, and the guys who run the large hadron collider in Cern, Switzerland. Maybe they can convince you.

Progress SonicMQ—when you and your application can’t tolerate non-sense anymore.

SOA What? Best-in-Class independent vendors have to sharpen their knives as the saskwatch-footprinted stack vendors begin to tread on their space.  Only by finding crisp and specific, and deadly, points of vulnerability can the smaller upstart continue to thwart the giants.

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