3 Ways to Maximize Insights From Your Big Data

3 Ways to Maximize Insights From Your Big Data

March 25, 2016 0 Comments
Big data is growing at an exponential rate—but turning it into valuable insights through data integration is essential.

While big data used to be reserved for the math geeks for precise calculations, now data scientists are “sexy” (yeah, I said that) and the demand for enterprise business data is booming. But big data is only as useful as the insights you can pull from it; that’s where data integration comes into play, and fast connectivity is key.

Don’t fall behind your competition because of unreliable data connectivity. What you need is a simple, streamlined SaaS approach for data connectivity. It’s important to adopt standards-based connectivity solutions that let you do just that for enterprise business users and developers alike.

How does this help you maximize the potential of your data integration? Here are three ways that facilitate gleaning more insights from your big data.

1.  Data Modernization to Rejuvenate Aged Data

Legacy data migration is a profoundly intimidating undertaking that entails massive movement of data from systems that are aging and don’t necessarily talk well to modern systems. Just missing one step in the process can lead to loss of information, compatibility issues, and scheduling snafus.

This is where our data modernization APIs come to the rescue, making aged data much easier to work with by providing standard interfaces. Not only can they make the migration process less painful, you may also want to leave the legacy data in place and use the APIs to access all the data in real-time.

2. APIs Empower BI and Analytics Tools

Big data is great, but everyone knows that it’s useless without the insights gained through business intelligence and analytics tools. How you use these tools to gain a competitive advantage is what separates your company from competitors and turns big data into actionable data. To fuel these tools, raw data gets you nowhere fast. But our standard APIs give you the right data for the right tool and provide the power to drive BI and analytics insights and spur future growth.

3. Hybrid Connectivity APIs Reach All the Data

Data sources are numerous and always evolving. On-premise connectivity, proprietary systems, cloud connectivity, and even more platforms all factor into where we retrieve data from for insights. Chances are that you have data from more than one of these sources and that more data is available to process than you may realize.

Hybrid connectivity APIs enable you to connect to ALL of that unused data and transform it into something actionable. Hybrid connectivity may sound complex and complicated, but we take all of the hard work out of it and leave you with quick and easy standards-based access.

Leverage the Power of APIs

Armed with these three concepts, partner with us and let us transform your data integration strategy and maximize the power of your big data. If you want to learn more about APIs and how they enrich and transform data, take a look at the latest post in our data science series, “A Deep Dive Into Data Enrichment.”

We offer free trials for all of our solutions, so pick one up today!

Suzanne Rose

Suzanne Rose

Suzanne is passionate about promoting the Progress Data Connectivity and Integration business and corporate initiatives through social media and other marketing channels using extraordinary and compelling content and effective metrics. She is also team lead for DCI content developers, new hires and interns.

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