XQuery Fact Sheet

DataDirect XQuery is an XQuery processor that enables developers to access and query XML, relational data, SOAP messages, EDI, legacy, or a combination of data sources, and, in addition, provides full update support for relational data and XML documents. DataDirect XQuery supports the XQuery for Java™ (XQJ) API, and is easily embeddable into any Java program — it does not require any other product or application server, and has no server of its own. It is recommended for developers who need to combine and efficiently process XML, relational, and legacy data formats in application scenarios such as data integration, XML-based data exchange, XML-driven web sites, and XML publishing. DataDirect XQuery vastly simplifies and enhances the performance of combining and processing different types of data (relational, XML, legacy, EDI, and more) in heterogeneous environments and thus enables developers to build and deploy high-performance applications quickly and efficiently.

Query XML, relational, SOAP messages, EDI, or a combination of data sources

Today's web services, web sites, data integration, and publishing applications need data from many sources including XML, relational, and legacy formats. DataDirect XQuery uses a single language – XQuery, to process XML, relational data, or a combination of data sources.

Using DataDirect XQuery significantly simplifies application development by reducing the amount of code developers write and maintain to use XML, relational, and legacy data together. The result – less development effort and developers completing projects quickly and efficiently.

Full update support

DataDirect XQuery allows you to update relational data and XML documents from within XQuery. This is useful for applications that need to insert, update, or delete data in relational tables, and makes DataDirect XQuery very well suited for ETL application scenarios, where it provides efficient XML shredding and transparent relational updates. Support for the XQuery Update Facility (XUF) allows making changes to data that are manipulated inside the XQuery so that you can easily update individual XML documents, XML streams, and file collections from within your XQuery applications.

Special optimizations for accessing relational data and XML

DataDirect XQuery provides special query optimization and mediation for optimal performance when accessing relational data. The product is designed to move the minimum amount of data out of the database and leverages indexes and tuning defined on the database server, thus providing the best performance possible.

DataDirect XQuery utilizes optimization techniques including document projection and document streaming to provide the performance, scalability and reliability required to process very large XML files. This significantly reduces development efforts and processing time by eliminating intermediate processing of XML data files.

Easily embeddable XQuery component for all major databases

DataDirect XQuery is easily embeddable into applications; it does not require any other product or application server, has no server of its own, and is not tied to a specific vendor database or database version.

Application developers can write one easy-to-maintain application regardless of the databases and versions they are using – Sybase. Their applications are insulated from frequent changes to the database and database vendor tools.

Features Benefits
High Performance Special optimization and mediation provides the best possible XQuery performance including transparently converting relevant parts of the XQuery to efficient SQL statements for execution in relational databases.
Scalable XML streaming and document projection drastically reduce the amount of memory required when processing large XML documents. Portions of the XQuery dealing with relational data are issued to the relational database as SQL to take advantage of database scalability
Embeddable Does not require any other product or application server and plugs into any architecture.
Data Source Independent Integrates query results from XML, relational data, Web Services, EDI, legacy, or any combination of data sources.
Web Services Integration Easily consume or create Web Services from an XQuery.
Full Updates Efficient XML shredding and transparent relational updates for XQuery applications that need to insert, update, or delete data in relational tables. Easily update individual XML documents, XML streams, and file collections from within XQuery applications.
Standards-based Stability for developers through standards-based XQuery and XQJ implementations, tested with XQTS.
Plan Explain Generates a graphical XQuery execution plan to provide information for optimal query tuning.
Connection Pooling Integrates with the application server’s JDBC pool manager to take advantage of familiar connection pooling from other JDBC applications.

XML Tools for DataDirect XQuery Development

Stylus Studio®, an award-winning XML IDE with advanced XQuery development support including integration with DataDirect XQuery. Stylus Studio is available for Windows 2000 SP2, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Visit the Stylus Studio Web site for more information: www.stylusstudio.com.