XQuery™ 3.0 Updates

DataDirect XQuery™ 3.0 supports updates to relational database tables from inside an XQuery by providing three built-in functions. These functions are: ddtek:sql-insert, ddtek:sql-update, ddtek:sql-delete. The DataDirect XQuery™ 3.0 update functionality requires extensions to the XQuery processing model for function declaration, XQuery expressions, and snapshot semantics.

ddtek:sql - Insert, Update, Delete

Learn to: insert a single record in a database table, update records in a database table, and delete records in a database table.

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Executing Updates in XQJ

Follow along with an example to learn how to execute an updating expression in XQJ using an XQExpression object.

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Extensions to the XQuery Processing Model

To support updates, DataDirect XQuery extends the XQuery processing model, as discussed in this section.

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Understanding the Transactional Behavior of XQuery Updates

This section describes how DataDirect XQuery supports transactions, transaction isolation levels, and distributed transactions.

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