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Tailor Personalization to Drive Engagement

In today's digital economy, personalization drives engagement, which drives loyalty and revenue. 56% of consumers are more likely to buy due to personalization, while a staggering 74% get frustrated when they’re shown content that doesn’t match their interests. Learn about the Sitefinity capabilities that will help you craft an effective personalization strategy.

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Analytics Continuity During GDPR via Data Masking

Analytics Continuity During GDPR via Data Masking

With GDPR now live, many enterprises have been forced to sideline their analytics projects to avoid the threat of huge penalties. However, there is another way—data masking enables enterprises to ensure analytics continuity while maintaining GDPR compliance. Learn more in this webinar, where we discuss:

  • GDPR’s impact on analytics
  • Exceptions to data retention policies
  • Data masking for analytics continuity
  • Security best practices for data masking
  • A live demonstration of data masking

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OpenEdge 12.0 - Powerful. Available. Exceptional.

OpenEdge 12 is packed with new features and enhancements that help developers to meet the escalating demands for application functionality, performance, availability and security.

The launch webinar explored today’s business imperatives in depth along with key OpenEdge 12 features encompassing:

  • Performance and scale—Do more and do it faster
  • Continuous operations—Keep things up and running to meet continuous demand and take a giant step toward five nines
  • Agile development and deployment—Enable developer productivity and efficiency with powerful new tools and capabilities
  • Advanced security—Protect systems from malevolent actors and stay in compliance with regulatory mandates

Learn all about it—watch the webinar recording on demand.

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High-Performing Salesforce Data Connector

With Salesforce playing a large role in digital transformation initiatives, businesses are increasingly looking to leverage their Salesforce data for analytics and other mission-critical processes. However, building a custom Salesforce data connector to deliver these capabilities can be complex, time-consuming and expensive.

In this webinar, we’ll dive into the different considerations for developing a Salesforce data connector.

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Simplifying OpenEdge Data Access with DataDirect

Simplifying OpenEdge Data Access with DataDirect

Your business demands a wider degree of access to your data. In this demonstration, you’ll see how OpenEdge and Autonomous REST Connector can provide you with the superior data access capabilities your business needs to succeed.

Learn how you can:

  • Query your JSDO and REST APIs using SQL
  • Transform or mask data to address compliance regulation requirements
  • Offer seamless connectivity in minutes while improving data security and integrity

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Getting Started with Kinvey

Progress Kinvey is a high productivity app platform for professional developers that delivers low- code development processes on a serverless architecture, built-in microservices frameworks, out of box enterprise integrations, intelligent offline capabilities, cloud cache and security. Developer control is powered by NativeScript, an open source framework for building cross platform native mobile apps with Angular, Vue.js, TypeScript, or JavaScript.

Kinvey enables developers to rapidly deliver consumer-grade experiences on your enterprise infrastructure.

Sign up for our Getting Started With Kinvey webinar and we’ll walk you through the details of the Progress Kinvey platform.

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Best Practices for Securing Your Mobile Apps

From some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies on down, headlines about egregious data breaches bombard us almost daily. Desktop, mobile, or web, the issues are the same, but the threats can be wildly different. Mobile comes with its own set of concerns.

Join us for this in-depth webinar on how we can better secure every part of our apps, from the end user to the database, and back again. See how using tried and true technologies to prevent “man in the middle” attacks, securely authenticating/authorizing users, safely storing encrypted data and protecting source code will leave your codebase in a far more secure state!

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Autonomous REST Connector Webinar

Creating Quick, Codeless Connectivity with Autonomous REST Connector

APIs enable businesses to access popular data sources from their enterprise apps, but creating these connections is both difficult and time consuming. With Autonomous REST Connector, you can consume APIs in minutes using codeless configuration and intelligent sampling. Learn more in this demonstration.

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Sitefinity-11.1 Webinar

Seven Reasons to Check Out Sitefinity 11.1

Whether you’re a marketer, developer or IT administrator, Sitefinity 11.1 offers a host of new improvements that will help you fuel your productivity. To learn more about the latest release, please watch our on demand webinar. We’ll discuss seven new features and enhancements to Sitefinity, including:

  • Multilingual and multichannel content delivery for collaboration efficiency
  • Improved workflows for better content governance
  • Enhanced security and user management
  • Improved performance via network load balancing enhancements

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Handling Complex Data Integrations in Enterprise Apps

Demand for new apps keeps increasing, but integration challenges often slow the development process to a crawl. Developers are often left waiting for external teams to integrate with expanding numbers of disparate data sources and implement a variety of authentication schemes. Meanwhile, end users of mobile, web or chat don’t care about enterprise information architecture—they just want a seamless, connected experience.

Join us as we explore tackling complex data integrations for modern enterprise apps.

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Reducing the Cost of Enterprise-Grade Mobile Apps

The mobile app revolution has hit the enterprise. Smartphones, tablets, watches—your internal users and customers demand engaging experiences on the devices they use, on their terms.

Existing resourcing problems, enterprise/legacy systems and changing requirements impact your cost and speed of app delivery. Fortunately, newer techniques drastically reduce app costs and time to market. This webinar examines how enterprises are accelerating development, cutting expenses, and reducing their IT app backlog.

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Managing and Personalizing a Multi-Channel Experience

Your consumers are multichannel mavericks. With the right content management system, marketers can create meaningful, multi-channel journeys.

Delivering a compelling, personalized customer journey across multiple digital touchpoints has never been more important. At the same time, it’s also never been so complex—many organizations struggle to personalize their campaigns and build cohesive multichannel experiences that can engage prospects anytime, anywhere.

With creativity and the right content management system at your side, you can create meaningful, multichannel journeys. Watch this webinar to learn more.

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Journey to SAS Analytics Grid with SAS, R, Python

Can Your Current Infrastructure Support High-Performance Analytics and Data Science?

Big data, compliance and a highly skilled workforce are driving organizations to transform their current analytical infrastructure to deliver enterprise computing environments that can support the latest in data science and analytics practices. SAS remains a popular choice for statistical programming languages, but there is growing demand for R and Python. Data engineers are now being tasked to deliver scalable and highly available computing resources to support analytics for a growing number of users and increasing data volumes while maintaining security for their customers.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Differences between traditional and Grid deployments for SAS
  • Best practices and lessons learned in deploying an Analytics Grid
  • How to deliver an open analytics strategy for SAS, R, Python and others
  • Popular data sources for advanced analytics

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Top 10 Things to Avoid When Considering Low Code

The promise of low-code for over-burdened app dev teams with a backlog of business demands is extremely enticing. The right low code platform can help you get multi-channel business apps to market much more quickly than developing from scratch.

Listen to this webinar where we discuss the top 10 things to avoid when considering low-code platforms, such as:

  • Letting industry categories constrain your tech choice
  • Offloading development effort to the business
  • Treating IoT, AI and analytics efforts as silos

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Data Management: Table Partitioning and Multi-tenancy

Table Partitioning and Multi-tenancy are two methods of securely dividing an OpenEdge database. One increases performance and scale, especially for analytics needs, while the other can drive down costs and increase margins in cloud environments. Join Rob Marshall, Sr. Principal Consultant, and learn how to apply these technologies for a competitive advantage.

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The Fastest Way to Build Mobile Apps With Cloud Data

Enterprise developers constantly pit project needs against today’s technical realities. Building native mobile apps for iOS and Android would be amazing, but you’re invested in Angular and the web. Using cloud-based data would earn you praise but connecting to Salesforce is tedious.

This is where NativeScript, Angular, and Kinvey can help! In this webinar you’ll learn how to use Angular and the free, open source NativeScript framework to build truly native apps for iOS, Android, and web from a single codebase.

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It’s Time to Experience Sitefinity 11

Progress Sitefinity is all about delivering best-in-class multi-channel digital experiences. The latest release builds on that legacy by enabling new levels of marketer and developer productivity.

Watch this webinar to hear about the latest features of Sitefinity 11 and its new capabilities including:

  • A re-imagined User Experience panel that lets you easily create content via progressively-discoverable content management functionality
  • New media tools to simplify image and video management
  • Dynamic tools for handling internal links and external media reducing management time and ensuring a consistent “always on” user experience
  • New developer tools supporting the latest version of Visual Studio
  • An innovative machine translation API that allows for machine translation with a few lines of code

With this release, Sitefinity CMS not only changes the game for user experience but delivers tools that make managing and optimizing multi-channel customer experiences easy for marketers and developers at organizations of any size.

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The Modern Marketing Leader’s Handbook

With expectations high and requests coming from every direction, it is crucial you set strategic goals and objectives for your team that quickly drive results. But how do you set your priorities? How do you get the right mix of quick short-term wins and long-term strategic initiatives? And all the while keeping your customers, organization and stakeholders happy while ensuring the internal processes and technology are in place to support them.

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Drinking our own Champagne

How Progress Uses Sitefinity for a Full Web Experience

Sitefinity is central to the Progress digital marketing strategy.

Find out how Progress develops and maintains Sitefinity applications that contain hundreds of content edits and millions of pageviews every single day. Get an inside look at the environment setup, practices for development and release automation that are the result of years of collaboration between marketing, DevOps, Sitefinity engineering and the web team. 

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Join the Movement: Personalization 2.0

New technologies are shifting the way companies engage their customers and prospects. Personalization is one of those technologies—what started out as a basic marketing tool has quickly become a marketing must-have. Now, we’re living in the time of Personalization 2.0—an age of hyper personalized customer experiences.

Help us usher in Personalization 2.0. Join our guest Brendan Witcher of Forrester Research as he discusses how companies can craft more personalized experiences and the benefits of personalization. Our own Chris Doran will also discuss Sitefinity’s experience management capabilities and how they can be used to create highly personalized experiences.

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