For instructions on how to install DataDirect Connect64 and Connect64 XE for ODBC on Windows and UNIX platforms, as well as product requirements and the latest product support matrix to verify that your database and operating system versions are supported, please check the following links

For assistance on configuring data sources with the drivers, as well as testing a connection please see the document appropriate for your driver operating system and database from the Quick Start section.

For applications to test connectivity and functionality, several tools are available. Please note that these applications are not supported DataDirect Technologies products. Rather, they are provided as a convenience to customers who may be looking for simple front-end test or debugging tools.

For help with error messages, please see the following resources:
  • Search the Knowledgebase for information on particular error codes and messages.
  • Check the Readme on Windows and Readme on UNIX for known issues and Operating System or database patch requirements.

For detailed product information, including data type support, locking, threading and Unicode details:

If you have questions related to an evaluation installation, or the evaluation process, please see the Evaluation FAQ.