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Customer Support Offerings

Contacting Progress Customer Support

Via Progress SupportLink

Progress SupportLink enables you to search our Knowledge Base, subscribe to the Progress Alert and Notification Service (PANS), and manage all of your support cases with us.

The Progress SupportLink portal, part of the larger ProgressLink portal, will be your place to receive the latest updates and announcements from Progress and submit support requests. You will also have a quick view of your open support cases, all in one location.

To use Progress SupportLink, you will need to create a Progress ID that will enable you to login to this restricted section of our website. To request a Progress ID, please complete this Registration Form. Once your Progress ID is approved, you will receive a confirmation email message, listing your login information.

For more information on how to get the most out of the Progress SupportLink portal, please check out the videos located in the "How to Use SupportLink" section of the Progress SupportLink portal.

Via Phone.

Opening a Customer Support Case

Customer Support Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base section of the Progress SupportLink portal allows self-service resolution of your problem and provides you with an easy-to-use online technical research library. The Knowledge Base allows quick searches through the entire database or a product subset.

You can find the public Knowledge Base here.

Progress Support provides two ways to report a new problem:

Managing your Customer Support Case

How fast can I get an answer?

You can review our service level objectives here.

The status of your Customer Support Case

Progress Support offers two ways to verify the status of your Customer Support case:

Escalating a Customer Support Case

Our escalation process

Closing your Customer Support Case

Take the time to confirm when your Support Case can be closed. This will cut down on unnecessary telephone calls, and allow our Support teams to concentrate on other outstanding issues. Additionally, you can close your Support case Online via Progress SupportLink.

When will Support close your Support Case?

Engineers will only close cases when the issue is resolved, and with your agreement, unless:

  • Support has tried repeatedly to contact you, and you have not responded.
  • A timescale has been agreed in advance for when the case can be closed if we have not heard from you.
Reopening a Support Case

If the issue is not resolved, the Support Case can be reopened via Progress SupportLink or Phone. When reopening a Support Case please provide the reason for reopening the case as well as any new information that was not available when the case was closed. If encountering a new issue, open a new Support Case to enable our engineers to focus on individual problems.

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