DataRPM Cognitive Predictive Maintenance Platform for Manufacturing


Did you know that despite spending billions on big data, 43% of organizations "obtain little tangible benefit" from their data, while 23% "derive no benefit whatsoever?"

Industrial machines work continuously, generating millions of data points every second. The ultimate objective as a manufacturer should be utilizing all this data to gain visibility into the health of its equipment and optimize overall asset maintenance.

DataRPM's Cognitive Predictive Maintenance (CPdM) platform is the one-stop solution for maximizing overall output through better asset failure management. This solution brief will help you understand how you can partner with DataRPM to:

  • Boost operational agility and enhance overall asset life with our cognitive analytics solutions
  • Slash unplanned asset downtime and increase overall equipment effectiveness
  • Leverage meta-learning technology to automate predictive maintenance for your enterprise
  • Create positive bottom-line impact by eliminating unplanned failures

Partner with DataRPM today to enable intelligent manufacturing solutions for your organization.

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