Progress Academy
For OpenEdge

Prepare your business for OpenEdge with a quick and affordable way to train aspiring OpenEdge developers of all levels.


What Is Progress Academy

The foundational Progress Academy for OpenEdge courses are a three-week intensive program designed to teach developers how to program with ABL and how to work with OpenEdge databases and applications.

These courses are offered as fully instructor-led or as a combination of instructor and on-demand trainings. Our programs are available in-person and via virtual instruction.

For our advanced users, we also offer a one-week course to refresh existing skills and discover new ways to design, build and optimize your OpenEdge platform.

Find Your Progress Academy

Progress Academy for OpenEdge Live

Three weeks of instructor-led training offered in-person or via virtual instruction for beginner OpenEdge developers.

Progress Academy for OpenEdge Hybrid​

One week of virtual instructor-led training followed by 2 weeks of on-demand courses for beginner OpenEdge developers.

Advanced Progress Academy for OpenEdge​

One week of instructor-led training offered in-person or via virtual instruction for advanced OpenEdge developers.

Interested in other OpenEdge training?

We offer instructor-led and on-demand training on a variety of OpenEdge topics.

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