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Progress Academy is an affordable, valuable OpenEdge instructor-led training class designed specifically for aspiring OpenEdge developers to provide them with the necessary fundamentals to become a productive member of your team after graduation.

For training new developers in the best of what Progress® OpenEdge® has to offer, enlist your new hires or employees new to OpenEdge development in Progress Academy. Students sharpen their OpenEdge skills on the latest features the OpenEdge platform has to offer through a comprehensive three-week program. Graduates march back to base armed with the skills and confidence to tackle the most challenging OpenEdge projects.

By the time you add up your cost to recruit, train and relocate top talent, it’s easy to see that Progress Academy is a win for you and a win for the professional development of your present or future employees.

Here’s is some of what you can expect with Progress Academy:

  • Three weeks of expert education delivered by senior OpenEdge consultants and developers
  • Offered 3-4 times per year in central locations in North America and EMEA
  • Very affordable
  • Discounted rates for students available at local participating hotels
  • Syllabus contains both beginning and advanced concepts
  • Weekly assessments will be provided to sponsors as well as students
  • Students use the Progress OpenEdge Developers Kit: Classroom Edition, including the latest Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge
  • Intro to OpenEdge Reference Architecture (OERA)
  • Introduction to Telerik Platform for OpenEdge

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