Smart Component Library Training 


27 September - 01st Oct 2021  | Virtual English

SmartComponent Library Training

Get trained on SCL from Consultingwerk in just 1 week 

Students receive in-depth training from experienced tutors.

About SmartComponent Library

The SmartComponent Library is a framework from Consultingwerk, designed to modernize existing OpenEdge applications and to provide the foundation of new projects – in the cloud and on premise. The architecture of the SmartComponent Library simplifies integration with future technologies and the implementation of new business requirements.

Agenda - curriculum

Day 1

Architectural Overview: The SmartComponent Library, the OpenEdge Reference Architecture (OERA) and the Common Component Specification (CCS)
Overview of the training environment, Tools, Progress Developer Studio Workspace, AppServer
Using the Business Entity Designer to build and test Business Entities
Overview of Internet Resources for the SmartComponent Library

Day 2

Developing Business Entities
Accessing Business Entities
Simple and Complex Validation
Using Dataset Model Classes
Strong Typed Queries
The Hidden Gems: The Util Helper Classes

Day 3

Complex Query Scenarios
Command line tools: Scaffolding and Static Names Generator
GUI for .NET Application Development
Generating GUI for .NET Applications with the SmartComponent Library
Building Complex Screens

Day 4

Business Tasks and Invokable Methods
Object Serialization Options
Building RESTful Services
Testing RESTful Services using PASOE
Logging Options
Command line tools: Trimming and monitoring the PASOE

Day 5

Using the SmartComponent Library Angular Web Frontend
Overview Mobile Development with the SmartComponent Library and NativeScript


Mike Consultingwerk

Mike Fechner

Senior Consultant 

Daniel Consultingwerk

Daniel van Doorn

Senior Consultant


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  • If you want to stay near Rotterdam or Bracknell, we can refer you to a hotel in the area with a reduced rate for Progress Students.
  • Other locations are available for groups of 8 students or more

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