Progress Academy for OpenEdge Live

Discover OpenEdge and ABL in a virtual or in-person three-week foundational course taught by expert instructors.


What to Expect

Affordable Price

Progress Academy offers developers a unique opportunity to become skilled in OpenEdge for 1.500 Euros / 1,400 Pounds / 2.250 AUD in just 3 weeks.


Receive a Progress OpenEdge Developer Certificate upon completion of the course.

Resources and Support

Students get access to the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, the OpenEdge Developers Kit and Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge.


Training Prerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of what a software application is as well as the concepts of client and server parts.
  • Some prior programming experience (in any language) is helpful.

Find a Class

25 April - 13 May | APJ | English | Virtual (Hybrid)

13 June - 8 July | EMEA | English | Virtual (Hybrid)

31 Oct - 25 Nov | EMEA | English | Virtual (Hybrid)

Sorry, nothing is scheduled right now. Please, contact us for more information.

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