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Get developers up to speed in just 3 Weeks

Train New OpenEdge Developers in 3 weeks.

Progress Academy is a fast and affordable OpenEdge instructor-led training program designed specifically for aspiring OpenEdge developers to provide them with the necessary fundamentals to become productive members of your team after graduation.

Progress Academy offers developers a unique opportunity to become skilled in OpenEdge for 1.500 Euros / 1,400 Pounds / 2.250 AUD in just 3 weeks

Support and guidance

Students receive in-depth training from experienced tutors at Progress and gain the knowledge required to design, build and test business applications using the OpenEdge platform.

Students also get access to the OpenEdge Developers Kit Classroom Edition, including Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, and receive a Progress OpenEdge Developer Certificate upon completion of the course.

OpenEdge also has an Online Progress Community. Here programmers share ideas, code and exchange knowledge with experienced Progress developers around the world.

About OpenEdge
Progress® OpenEdge® is a widely used enterprise application development platform, particularly for mission critical and transactional systems. Learn more about OpenEdge here.


Agenda - curriculum

Week 1

Introduction to Progress OpenEdge

Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge (PDSOE)

Progress ABL Essentials
  • Data access
  • Queries
  • Transactions
  • Record locking and record scoping
  • Classic error handling management

Modular development

Integrating and reusing business logic

Week one closing exercise

Week 2

Introduction to distributed computing
  • Building and accessing distributed logic (key to modernisation)
  • Intro to classic Progress OpenEdge AppServer
  • Intro to Progress Application Server for OpenEdge (PASOE)

Using ProDataSets
  • Understanding ProDataSets
  • Defining and building ProDataSets
  • Using ProDataSets in distributed environments
  • ProDataSet events and callbacks
  • ProDataSet error handling

Object-Oriented Concepts
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Interfaces
  • Delegation

Intro to ABL Object-Oriented Programming
  • Defining the parts of an ABL class
  • Constructors and destructor
  • Access data members and call methods
  • Work with class instances
  • Testing classes using procedures
  • Testing classes with ABLUnit
  • Introduction to Progress Developer Studio for OE for GUI for .Net

Week two closing exercise

Week 3

Intro to the OpenEdge Reference Architecture (OERA)

Developing an OERA application
  • Developing a data-access object
  • Use of structured error handling
  • Working with the ABLUnit test framework
  • Creating a business entity

OpenEdge Integration
  • Exposing an ABL application to external applications
  • Enabling an ABL application to access external applications
  • Architecture and high-level steps to implement each integration option

Building Progress OpenEdge Apps as REST Web Apps
  • Introduction to REST in Progress OpenEdge
  • Providing a Progress OpenEdge ABL Application as a REST Web Application

Building Progress OpenEdge Apps as REST Data Object
  • Progress OpenEdge Web App Architecture
  • Creating Progress Data Object Services
  • Developing Business Entities for OE Data Object Services
  • Testing Data Object services using Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs)

Building web apps
  • Accessing OpenEdge REST services
  • Definition of data providers and sources
  • Creating App modules
  • Creating and testing views
  • Integration with Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge

Week three ending celebrations



Chris Skeldon

Senior Principal Consultant Progress


Marco Squintani

Senior Principal Consultant Progress

Academy Editions

Other locations and dates are available for groups of 10 students or more.
For courses in North America please go to : info North America

Virtual Progress Hybrid Academy 


WEEK 1: 7 June - 10 June 2021

WEEK 2: 14 June - 18 June 2021

WEEK 3: 21 June - 25 June 2021

Virtual Progress Hybrid Academy 


WEEK 1: 5 July - 9 July 2021

WEEK 2: 12 July - 16 July 2021

WEEK 3: 19 July - 23 July 2021

Progress Hybrid Academy
Virtual APJ

WEEK 1: 17 May - 21 May 2021

WEEK 2: 31 May - 4 June 2021

WEEK 3: 14 June - 18 June 2021

Progress Hybrid Academy
Virtual APJ

WEEK 1: 16 August - 20 August 2021

WEEK 2: 6 September - 10 September 2021

WEEK 3: 13 September - 17 September 2021

Progress Hybrid Academy
Virtual EMEA

WEEK 1: 11 October - 15 October 2021

WEEK 2: 18 October - 22 October 2021

WEEK 3: 24 October - 29 October 2021


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Also good to know

  • Upon completion of the course developers will receive an OpenEdge Developer Certificate from Progress Academy
  • If you want to stay near Rotterdam, Paris or Bracknell, we can refer you to a hotel in the area with a reduced rate for Progress Academy Students.
  • Other locations are available for groups of 8 students or more

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