Database Administration Bootcamp

Course Details

This three-day training builds upon the Progress Database Administration course by providing a strategy for identifying, isolating, adjusting, and quantifying performance problems within a Progress RDBMS environment.

It provides database administrators and other Progress professionals with an understanding of basic tuning techniques of Progress system resources.

The objectives of this training are:

  • List reasons to tune and determine plan of action
  • Verify that you do not have system problems unrelated to Progress
  • List tools available for system and Progress RDBMS tuning
  • Describe the structure of the Progress database architecture
  • Isolate potential bottlenecks in each component
  • Identify client processes
  • Monitor application performance


20 January - 23 January | Bracknell
6 April - 9 April 2020 | Rotterdam
6 July - 9 July | Bracknell 
24 August - 27 August | Rotterdam
2 November - 5 November | Rotterdam

Contact education@progress for more dates and locations 

Training Prerequisites

General computer skills and knowledge of OpenEdge databases and products.

Students should already be able to:
  • Start and shutdown a database broker
  • Connect local and remote clients
  • Backup and restore a database
  • Add extents and storage areas to the database structure
  • Compact an index
  • Dump and reload a database through the Data Dictionary interface
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