Building REST services with
WebHandlers on PASOE

Course Details

The course starts with an overview and what a REST service is, together with REST’s
relationship to HTTP. What an HTTP request and response consists of is discussed,
including HTTP methods, status codes and key headers. In addition, a common design
approach and basic style guide for REST services is outlined before moving on to
implementing REST services in OpenEdge, which will include the following topics:

• options for creating REST services with OpenEdge
• REST services with the DataObjectHandler (Business Entities)
• JSON Filter Pattern
• how to return validation errors from a Business Entity
• custom methods in Business Entities
• custom HTTP responses from Business Entities
• support for JSDOs
• use of custom WebHandlers
• evaluating HTTP requests (paths, path and query parameters)
• creating and sending HTTP responses (text & binary data)
• uploading single or multiple files
• detecting and handling invalid requests
• options for versioning REST services
• WebHandler deployment
The course is taught on an up-to-date version of OpenEdge, with an emphasis on
hands-on exercises carried out by the attendees. Attendees will be provided with
course and exercise notes and final solutions to the exercises.


This course is for OpenEdge® developers who will be creating REST services on PASOE
(Progress Application Server for OpenEdge) using both the built-in and custom WebHandlers.

What will you learn:

After taking this course, you should:

• know what makes a service ‘RESTful’
• be introduced to a common URI design approach
• understand HTTP requests & responses
• be able to use the built-in DataObjectHandler (i.e. create Business Entities)
• how to customise Business Entity HTTP responses
• be able to create custom WebHandlers for sending and receiving text/JSON and binary
data (including file upload & download)
• know how to detect problem requests and respond with appropriate HTTP status codes
• have options for versioning REST services
• be aware of WebHandler differences on development vs. production PASOE
• gain an insight to REST API testing with Postman


23 September 2021 | Virtual French

2 November 2021 | Virtual English APJ

29 November 2021 | Virtual English

Contact education@progress for more dates and locations

Training Prerequisites

Attendees should:

• have a working knowledge of Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge
• awareness of Progress Application Server for OpenEdge (PASOE)
• be familiar with ProDataSets, including an awareness of ‘before-tables’
• know the basics of structured error handling (throw/catch)
• have elementary knowledge of the OOABL (including classes, methods, method
overriding, properties, inheritance & enums)

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