Advanced Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge

Course Details

Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge is an Eclipsed-based integrated
development environment for ABL developers that enables you to create, test, debug,
and integrate OpenEdge applications. In this course, you will retrace the milestones of
the evolution of Developer Studio starting from features available from R.11.0 up to the
latest advanced features available in R.12.x.

All advanced topics covered in this training (e.g. module on debugger, profiler, log
viewer…) are independent, optional and on demand. You can mix and match topics
accordingly to your needs in order to build and tailor your training experience in a very
customizable and special way.

The materials that you receive with this course include a Workshop Guide,
which includes hands-on lab exercises and few example code and
exercise files (no solutions).
This course is compatible with Progress OpenEdge R. 12.x+


This course is designed for Progress® OpenEdge® developers

What will you learn:

The course is taught on an up-to-date version of OpenEdge Progress Developer
Studio (PDSOE), with an emphasis on hands-on exercises carried out by the attendees.
Attendees will be provided with course and exercise notes and final solutions to the

Built-in tools and perspectives:

  • Debugger and enhanced remote debugging support ➔ Troubleshooting your ABL Application with the R12 PDSOE OpenEdge Debugger
  • Built-in profiler editor (with R.12.0 enhancements) ➔ Troubleshooting your ABL Application with the R12 PDSOE OpenEdge Pro
  • Built-in profiler editor (with R.12.0 enhancements) ➔ Troubleshooting your ABL Application with the R12 PDSOE OpenEdge Profiler
  • ABLUnit Testing (R.11.4) and Assert APIs (R.11.5)
  • DB Navigator and multi-tenant support (R.11.1)
  • Support for creating REST Web service applications: create an ABL Web App to deploy one or more ABL services (of WebSpeed, REST or Data Object types) as a single web app to PASOE (R.11.6 and R.12.x).

Using Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge R12.2 in modern development:

  • Import Git project in smart mode
  • Create dev database by mean of ANT Scripting (demo only)
  • Set workspace settings
  • Improve code readability and quality
  • Use of embedded SonarLint plug-in
  • Extend default templates (macros)
  • Launch configurations options and settings
  • Extending PDSOE with external ABL based tools

Features and enhancements covered (in order of release):

  • Faceted Projects and Custom Project types (R.11.0)
  • OpenEdge Editor preprocessor support (R.11.0)
  • Classic AppServer and WebSpeed support and remote development (R.11.x only)
  • Opening external ABL files (R.11.1)
  • Debug listing and XREF support (R.11.1)
  • REST Web service applications incremental publish and export (R.11.1)
  • Context parameters (R.11.3)
  • RUN launch configuration option (R.11.3)
  • Business entity wizard enhancements (R.11.3)
  • Organize USING Statements (R.11.4)
  • Find References (R.11.4)
  • Editor Assistance for single and double quotes (R.11.4)
  • Block level error handling (R.11.4)
  • Exclusion of PROPATH entries from OpenEdge tooling (R.11.5)
  • ABLDoc: Generate documentation associated to ABL developments (R.11.5)
  • Log Viewer (R.11.7)
  • Support for importing and exporting workspace settings (R.12.0)
  • Bundled tool updates including new code analyzer for ABL (R.12.0)
  • Schema file for defined Business Entities added to PROPATH (R.12.1)


19 October 2021 | Virtual French

18 & 19 November 2021 | Virtual English APJ

30 November 2021 | Virtual English

Contact education@progress for more dates and locations

For courses in North America please go to : info North America

Training Prerequisites

Before attending the Advanced training, you must have attended the Basic training
or have equivalent experience. Additionally, students should understand the basics of
Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge.

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