Course Details

In this class, you will learn about the differences between the various ways of
defining and using datasets/temp-tables.

You’ll discover:
• The difference in behavior between a dataset that is defined by-reference compared to
binding to as dataset
• The advantages of defining a dataset reference-only
• The consequences of defining a dataset reference-only


This course is for: ABL Developers

What will you learn:

This lesson gives you a break down of error handling in ABL applications. After
completing this session, you should be able to write ABL code to:
• Handle errors using structured error handling
• Return errors from the server to the client
• Implement and use a custom error class


12 July 2021 | Virtual

Contact education@progress for more dates and locations

Training Prerequisites

Advanced ProDataSet Topics
You should be able to:
• Define and Populate a dataset
• Define Classes/Procedures that pass dataset parameters

Debug Procedures Using the Application Debugger
You should be able to:
• Write ABL data retrieval statements

Handling Errors
You should be able to:
• Work with ABL

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