ABL Performance Tuning

Instructor-Led Training


What Will You Learn

  • Apply a strategy for performance tuning
  • Write efficient data retrieval methods
  • Design effective indexes
  • Manage transaction tradeoffs
  • Control transaction scope
  • Choose the best record locking strategy


This course is designed for 4GL Developers who wish to learn techniques to improve the efficiency of their code and to develop skills to tune existing 4GL Applications.


2-3 days


Course Details

Developers writing applications using any kind of client (GUI, Character, Rest etc) need to be able to write efficient ABL code to drive their application. Developers also may be called upon to tune existing applications to increase performance.

Training Prerequisites

Students should already be able to:

  • Be proficient in the OpenEdge Progress ABL
  • Have a basic understanding of queries and transactions
  • To effectively write and tune an application, a developer must understand:
  • Data retrieval methods including FIND, FOR EACH and and defined queries
  • Static and dynamic queries
  • Indexing rules
  • Transactions including scoping and locking
  • Techniques for identifying problems in code
  • Tools to analyze code
  • Techniques for writing code that runs efficiently across networks

Available Dates

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