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How IT Modernization is Improving Logistics for the DoD

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Information Technology (IT) modernization has been a priority and a consistent goal for organizations across the Department of Defense. And when it comes to logistics, there is a huge opportunity to streamline and increase efficiency by improving data management and consolidating legacy data systems.

Many Defense organizations have been dealing with multiple legacy data systems and outdated infrastructure to acquire, administer, and manage military materials and equipment. As a result, the process has been slow, less responsive, inaccurate, inefficient, and lacking coordination or exchange of information.

Watch this SIGNAL webinar, sponsored by MarkLogic, to learn about data-centric logistics IT modernization efforts at Defense agencies that are improving mission outcome. You’ll learn about:

  • Logistics IT Modernization success at the United States Marine Corps (USMC)
  • How your organization can overcome the limitations of relational databases that are currently in place with cloud-based modern data solutions and applications in line with the DevSecOps agile approach to the enterprise
  • How MarkLogic enables you to dismantle the silos and implement agile development
  • How this can all be implemented with fast and efficient modification, done with minor disruption to operations

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