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Product Enhancement Requests

Mar 28, 2022

Enhancement Requests

Welcome to our quick overview of how to request Product Enhancements through the Progress Community. Please, check out our video on Accessing the Community if you need any assistance logging in. As always, we recommend using the Chrome browser and bookmarking: directly, to enable you to get here the fastest.

Please note that you will need to be logged in in order to view, create or vote on an enhancement request.

Currently, not all products offer enhancement requests, but all the ones that do will be listed in the areas I’ll be showing you today.

You can find the Enhancements Request area one of three ways, two of which are on the main page. The first one is using the top menu bar’s “Resources” drop down. The second is by clicking on the blue tile for Enhancement Requests. Both of these areas will lead you to this product selection screen. When you select your product (let’s use OpenEdge as an example), you’ll be taken to our ideas portal.

Here, you can search for existing ideas. Vote on ideas. And, if you drill in for more information, you can also vote here, as well as subscribe to be notified about changes, see related ideas, see the idea’s status, and view / post comments.

Additionally, if you’re on your product’s homepage (let’s continue to pick on OpenEdge), you will see a scrolling banner to your right. This content is continually updated, based on programs that we’re running in the Community, but one of the banners will always link to Product Enhancement Requests.

Clicking here will get you directly into your ideas portal, allowing you to skip the extra step of linking to the “product selection” screen.

New ideas are added all the time, and feature requests and feedback are how Progress can evolve the product according to your needs. Please feel free to add as many ideas as you like, and voting on other ideas is incredibly helpful to us, as well.

Thank you for joining us today, and I look forward to seeing you in a future video!

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