OpenEdge Replication

Today, there is more pressure than ever for businesses to be always on and always available. The enterprise ecosystem has expanded to include customers, employees, partners, and suppliers - and all of these stakeholders are demanding services be available 24x7x365. With this heightened demand for availability, businesses can't afford downtime. Find out how Progress OpenEdge Replication and Replication Plus help to achieve business continuity. 

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OpenEdge Multi-Tenant Tables

Get detailed information about multi-tenancy, and how the OpenEdge database architecture can super-charge multi-tenancy for your business—while also making it easier to manage. With a multi-tenant database, you have the ability to access data relevant to the business, while remaining confident that company data is not accessible by others.

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Connect the Unconnectable: Enabling DevOps Dashboards for Siloed Data

A cross-enterprise view of the DevOps process is key to powering the continuous improvement of the software development lifecycle. In this ebook, you’ll discover how to connect key DevOps tools to your analytics and reporting tools to create a unified DevOps view that addresses four central themes: 

  • Planning and Roadmap
  • Epics, Velocity and Ticketing 
  • Continuous Improvement/Continuous Delivery 
  • Reporting and OKRs 
Work faster, save money and improve project visibility with a unified, cross-enterprise view of your DevOps process.  
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Enter New Markets Faster with Corticon

In this whitepaper, you’ll discover how Corticon’s market-leading data connectivity capabilities and entirely code-free user experience enable the competitive advantage of speed-to-market—in this case, for a hypothetical credit union considering entering the solar energy market as a lender.
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Digital Decisioning for Patient Data Access for the UK

Health IT stakeholders today are increasingly leveraging patient data to drive better health results and provide more value across the board. Electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) is one key area of investment. Discover how Corticon enables healthcare providers to implement sophisticated, secure decision-making that optimizes e-prescribing and delivers better patient care.

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Introduction to Corticon Server for .NET Environments

The Progress® Corticon® Business Rules Management System (“Corticon BRMS”) fits naturally in today’s service-oriented architectures (SOA), deploying as a service, and leverages the enterprise-class performance, scalability, and high-availability features of leading application servers. It has been designed to support standards critical to enterprise customers building and integrating composite applications. The Progress® Corticon® Server is the patented “no-coding” rules engine for Corticon BRMS, with performance unmatched in the industry. This document describes Corticon Server .NET runtime architecture with particular emphasis on how Corticon Server fits within various enterprise environment.
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Infographic: 28 US States Have Chosen Progress Corticon

In this infographic, you’ll learn how states easily automate complex transactions for essential public functions with Corticon.
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Corticon and US State Governments

Twenty-eight state governments have selected Progress® Corticon® Business Rules Management System (BRMS) to handle logical decisions for their service applications. Corticon deftly processes millions of state transactions each day and gives public-facing departments the power of responding rapidly when new regulations require changes or additions. Whether the department of education needs to automate teacher certifications or health and human services needs self-service for eligibility and claims, in this ebook you’ll learn how Corticon’s advantages improve time to market, decrease risk and save resources.
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Opportunities for Modernizing Progress OpenEdge Applications

This IDC white paper examines the opportunities to modernize applications developed using Progress OpenEdge, the application development platform that specializes in the development of high-performance, high-throughput transactional applications at scale. In particular, the white paper elaborates on the ability of developers to leverage modern application development practices and tools, such as cloud deployment, Agile development, DevOps, microservices and APIs, modern integrated development environments (IDEs), and observability and monitoring technologies, with OpenEdge.
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Sitefinity Insight Quick Start Guide for Admins

Content and context are the two essential ingredients of successful marketing. Sitefinity can help you deliver on both ends, leveraging the right content in the right situation to create compelling digital experiences that keep customers coming back. If you haven't set up Sitefinity Insight, however, you may not be optimizing your digital journeys to the fullest extent. Kickstart your business growth with this quick start Sitefinity Insight guide.

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Sitefinity Platform Overview Brochure

As a marketing leader, you are under pressure to execute successful digital marketing programs that accelerate business growth. The Progress Sitefinity platform empowers you to fuel predictable business growth by engaging customers in targeted, personalized experiences across multiple channels. Download this brochure to get an overview of the Sitefinity platform.
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MessageWay® Interactive Reporting

MessageWay Interactive Reporting is an optional add-on module to MessageWay, which lets your users view historic and current MessageWay activity from any location using a web browser. The tool comes with six out-of-the-box reports that display historical data and three “near real-time” monitors that give you an up-to-the-minute view of system activity.
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Small and large organizations alike are looking for cost-effective ways to collaborate and exchange critical business files, increase order-to-cash cycles, and extend the value of supply chains. The challenge is finding a flexible, scalable solution that will modernize your company’s IT environment, enhance its value, strengthen your partner network, and provide a quick ROI.
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Ebook: The Evolution of Digital Experience

Ebook: The Evolution of Digital Experience

A first-of-its-kind global survey reveals where we stand in meeting the demand for consumer-grade digital experiences in 2020.
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Digital Experiences in 2020 Infographic

Our 2020 global survey about digital experience spanning app dev, web dev and business professionals across three different continents reveals their digital experience and app dev wins, challenges and blockers. This infographic summarizes those results.

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Digital Experiences: Where the Industry Stands

A 2020 survey of 900+ decision-makers identified the digital experience wants and needs of app dev, web dev and business leaders, worldwide. This paper provides context and analysis of the results.

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2020 Progress Data Connectivity Report

The culmination of several different technology trends has triggered a massive upheaval in organizational data strategy. The 2020 Progress Data Connectivity report illuminates how businesses worldwide are responding to this ever-evolving technology landscape to connect with the data they need.
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OpenEdge Developers Kit Contents

The OpenEdge Developers Kit provides content on the various editions and products and platform information.
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FAQ: Migration from Classic AppServer to PAS for OpenEdge

This document addresses the most commonly asked questions from the Progress Community regarding the adoption of PAS for OpenEdge.
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OpenEdge Pro2 Data Replication Data Sheet

Progress® OpenEdge® Pro2™ is a data replication solution for Progress OpenEdge users that provides easy access to data from your OpenEdge applications. OpenEdge Pro2 data replication removes connectivity limitations without disruption to normal business operations or risk to the transactional database.

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