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Why Savvy Businesses are Leading with a Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Learn how to make digital your company’s competitive advantage with a DXP that delivers the experiences your customers have come to expect. 
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Manage Your Experiences, Not Your Infrastructure

Sitefinity Cloud enables organizations to develop, run and manage digital experiences without the complexity of building and maintaining infrastructure.
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What’s New in OpenEdge 12.1

Evolving the platform for you and your customers 

Progress continuously evolves OpenEdge® with new features and enhancements to help you meet demand for application performance, availability, security and data management; addressing the need for high-availability, delivers increased database performance, strengthens security and improves developer productivity. 

OpenEdge 12.1 continues to address the need for high-availability, delivers increased database performance, strengthens security and improves developer productivity. Here’s a snapshot of what you will find when you
test drive OpenEdge 12.1. 

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Upgrading Sitefinity CMS

The common notion about upgrade is that of a complex process taking lots of time and resources, with an arbitrarily happy ending. But is that really true? Should we postpone upgrading our Sitefinity websites until the last possible moment, or should we upgrade more often? This whitepaper discusses reasons to upgrade Sitefinity.
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Steps to Upgrade Sitefinity CMS

This guide discusses steps to upgrade Sitefinity.
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Use Cases for the Hospital, Operating Room and Home Healthcare

In addition to clinical scheduling, Progress Health Cloud can be applied to capacity management for scheduling, operating room scheduling and home healthcare scheduling. Download this brief paper for an overview of Progress Health Cloud benefits in each scenario.


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Sitefinity Marketplace for Partners

How Sitefinity Partners Can Leverage Sitefinity Marketplace

Sitefinity Marketplace helps partners achieve their organizational goals faster than ever before. Read on to discover how you and your organization can utilize Sitefinity Marketplace.
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Five Reasons Why Developers Love Sitefinity Marketplace

Five Reasons Why Developers Love Sitefinity Marketplace

There's a lot of ways to utilize Sitefinity Marketplace as a Sitefinity developer. Read on to discover the five reasons why you’ll love using Sitefinity Marketplace!

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Best Practices for Modern Application Architectures

Meeting the demand for modern digital experiences calls for mastery of four primary challenges—multichannel, fast iteration, elastic scalability and adaptability.

Download “Best Practices for Modern Application Architectures” for an in-depth examination of today’s best practices for software development crucial to building modern, scalable front-to-backend apps.

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Delivering Apps in Smaller Parts

Legacy apps power your business but they aren’t really geared to support a modern ecosystem of employees, customers and partners who are for the most part mobile. How do you connect one with the other without makeshift hacks or expensive rip-and-replace scenarios?

The good news is that there are simple, powerful strategies to enable your valuable legacy apps to meet the needs of a modern, mobile user base. Download your copy and learn how to give your mobile users what they need, when they need it to keep the business humming.

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Pro2 Archive Services

With the explosive growth of data, along with increasing user demands for more access to that data for reporting, analytics and business intelligence, it has never been more challenging to maintain optimal performance for your QAD applications. 

This is where Progress Pro2 Archive Services comes in. It’s a two-step approach that blends the best of Progress Services Archive Delete Utility (ADU) and Progress Pro2 data replication. The result is a solution that enables you to continually archive, but never lose the data, then replicate the data to an MSSQL and Oracle repositories and run all your reporting from these data sources.

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See What's New in Corticon 6

As IT organizations respond to business demands for fast, efficient and accurate deployments, they’ve turned to industry innovations that nurture flexibility and curb costs. Progress® Corticon® 6 builds on the critical features to integrate decision automation into dynamic applications and modern IT environments. This latest version of the industry’s most user-friendly business rules management system (BRMS) includes a direct REST connection for data retrieval, improved .NET support, enhanced features for the Corticon Studio modeling environment and a simpler deployment process out of the box.
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Next Generation Business Rules: Realizing the Potential

Learn about the multiple, critical characteristics of first-generation business rules management systems (BRMS), with particular emphasis on key issues hindering customer success. This will set the stage for a deep dive into the next-generation Progress® Corticon® BRMS, tracing its unique model-driven approach and back to fundamental customer needs that have been underserved by first-generation products. Finally, this paper compares the technical differences between rule execution between the Corticon engine and other BRMS vendors’ engines, providing insights into performance and scalability.
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HIPAA Security Compliance Matters in Healthcare IT

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) established federal standards to protect the integrity, confidentiality and availability of individually identifiable health information.  In the years since HIPAA’s enactment and as more personal health information has moved online—and then onto the cloud—the safety of patients’ information has become an urgent concern.

With built-in HIPAA compliance and security, Progress Health Cloud takes care of a lot of the compliance ground work so you don’t have to. 

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Five Marketing Challenges Solved With Siteifinity

Five Marketing Challenges Solved With Sitefinity

As a marketer, you face obstacles every day that challenge your efforts to rapidly deliver personalized content that increases engagement and ultimately drives revenue. Use Sitefinity to tackle your biggest bottlenecks and execute on priorities faster.

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Progress Recognized in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management

For the sixth consecutive year, Gartner has included Progress in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management (WCM).
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Application Evolution with Progress Services

Progress has developed a prescriptive modernization approach that includes a suggested reference architecture for a modernized application in the cloud, and a process that identifies the high priority application imperatives and business goals for the organization. We then help identify an entry point into that recommended architecture and define a roadmap to achieve goals specific to the environment and organization. We call the roadmap, the continuous process of modernizing the application, and working towards those seven imperatives application evolution. 

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Connect Any Application to Any REST API  Whitepaper

Connect Any Application to Any REST API—Quickly and Without Coding

With data fragmented and scattered across various systems, data integration complexities just keep multiplying as businesses constantly look to implement new data sources. To meet this data connectivity demand, Progress developed the DataDirect Autonomous REST Connector. Download the whitepaper and discover how the Autonomous REST Connector enables a new approach to data connectivity.

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Running Your Enterprise Like a Software Company

Every business today is a software business. Whether software is the product being sold or the tool that powers mission-critical activities every day, how enterprises leverage the solutions they create can make or break their success.

Technology enables innovative upstarts to be faster, nimbler and more agile, empowering them to both disrupt existing markets and create entirely new ones. The good news is that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to keep up—you just need to implement some of their tools and best practices.
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eBook: OpenEdge Pro2 6.0

With the volume of data increasing exponentially and the number of users rapidly growing—along with their demands and expectations for more and improved functionality—the need for fast, seamless access to that data for analytics, reporting and business intelligence has never been greater. What’s needed is a data replication solution that improves productivity, increases efficiency and scales for growth. 

OpenEdge Pro2 has gained a reputation for easy, fast replication from OpenEdge into a separate Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or OpenEdge. Now, with the availability of Pro2 6.0, and features like a new, modern UX dashboard and new UX Replication Wizard, you’ll be prepared for increasing demands for data access with expanded functionality and scalability for future growth. 

Highlights of Pro2 6.0 

A key feature of Pro2 6.0 is the UX dashboard which improves efficiency, productivity and allows proactive monitoring of performance and analytics, all while delivering a beautiful and intuitive experience that expands the product’s functionality and represents the most evolved version to date. In short, Pro2 6.0 is simple, pretty and swift. 

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