Omdia Universe: Selecting a Digital Experience Management Solution

Download this analyst report to read more about the DXM market and learn how to select the best vendor for your needs.
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Gartner's Keys to Success in the Digital Experience Economy

Read this Gartner report investigating why successful organizations must focus on the interconnected relationships between the customer, employee, user, and multiexperiences.
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Build More Powerful Portals With a Modern CMS

Portals, at a high level, are targeted digital platforms, offering the ability to respond to changes quickly without disrupting a consistent user experience.

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Shadow Analytics: What It Is and Why You Can’t Afford to Leave It Unchecked

Thousands of martech solutions are being introduced every year, which makes it difficult to access the data from these solutions for reporting. Now, employees are going rogue and turning to “shadow analytics” to get what they need. So, what is shadow analytics and what can you do to stop it? Find out in our latest whitepaper. 
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CMS Vendor Selection Guide

Different types of CMS vendors will meet the needs of different types of business. Get practical advice on evaluating your changing CMS requirements and outlining the stages of a successful vendor selection process. 

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Hybrid Data Pipeline

How Successful Businesses Thrive in Hybrid Data Environments

Enterprises are shifting more of their data assets to the cloud, yet a significant portion of their critical data remains on-premises. Progress® DataDirect® Hybrid Data Pipeline makes it easy for businesses to access the data they need no matter where it lives, without sacrificing performance or security.

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JumpStart to Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

With a mature and well-organized DevOps strategy, you can deploy new versions of software and hot fixes as needed, with greater efficiency and minimal disruption. Plus, you can better support microservices architecture, virtualization, containerization and cloud technologies.

To achieve continuous delivery and deployment, you need a fully baked CI/CD strategy. Progress Professional Services can help you build a CI/CD strategy that empowers fast and reliable software delivery.
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Datasheet: Progress Corticon.js Serverless Business Rules Management

With Corticon.js, organizations can now execute business rules wherever critical decisions are made—in the cloud, browser or on mobile devices. In this datasheet, you’ll learn how easy, efficient and lightning-fast it can be to manage the digital decisions that drive an organization’s business.

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Deep Analysis Vendor Vignette: Progress Corticon

Corticon is a well-established, leading digital decisioning platform that is widely implemented alongside or embedded in digital process automation platforms. See what advisory firm Deep Analysis has to say about Corticon and how it compares to the rest of the business rules and digital decisioning market.
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Creating Epic Digital Experiences for B2B Companies

Increasingly, B2B enterprises are investing heavily in their digital experiences—and they are reaping the rewards. Discover how B2B businesses are crafting compelling, B2C-inspired digital experiences in our new whitepaper.

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5 Elements of Modern Digital Marketing You Need to Master

The right CMS plays a critical role in helping you create digital experiences that can win the battle for your customers’ attention. In our latest ebook, you’ll learn about the five elements of modern marketing you must address to bring these experiences to life, today and in the future.
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Sitefinity CMS Performance

Understanding detailed performance results for Sitefinity CMS helps organizations deploy and scale their business applications.
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Ecommerce IT Challenges

Top Ecommerce IT Challenges Solved with Sitefinity

Use Ucommerce for Sitefinity to cost-effectively and productively manage a supporting digital infrastructure and technical team.

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Ecommerce Marketing Challenges

Top Ecommerce Marketing Challenges Solved with Sitefinity

Utilize Ucommerce for Sitefinity to eliminate your biggest ecommerce bottlenecks and accelerate time-to-market.

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Ecommerce Management Challenges

Top Ecommerce Management Challenges Solved with Sitefinity

Choose Ucommerce for Sitefinity to easily and cost-effectively implement a successful digital commerce experience.

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Then, Now and Beyond: The Future of Back Office Software

Back office systems are the unsung heroes of today’s enterprises, powering many critical functions in finance, human resources, supply chain and operations. 
Download this ebook to see how the back office landscape has evolved and how new data connectivity solutions can help you keep up with shifting needs of today’s businesses.  
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OpenEdge Replication

Today, there is more pressure than ever for businesses to be always on and always available. The enterprise ecosystem has expanded to include customers, employees, partners, and suppliers - and all of these stakeholders are demanding services be available 24x7x365. With this heightened demand for availability, businesses can't afford downtime. Find out how Progress OpenEdge Replication and Replication Plus help to achieve business continuity. 

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OpenEdge Multi-Tenant Tables

Get detailed information about multi-tenancy, and how the OpenEdge database architecture can super-charge multi-tenancy for your business—while also making it easier to manage. With a multi-tenant database, you have the ability to access data relevant to the business, while remaining confident that company data is not accessible by others.

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Connect the Unconnectable: Enabling DevOps Dashboards for Siloed Data

A cross-enterprise view of the DevOps process is key to powering the continuous improvement of the software development lifecycle. In this ebook, you’ll discover how to connect key DevOps tools to your analytics and reporting tools to create a unified DevOps view that addresses four central themes: 

  • Planning and Roadmap
  • Epics, Velocity and Ticketing 
  • Continuous Improvement/Continuous Delivery 
  • Reporting and OKRs 
Work faster, save money and improve project visibility with a unified, cross-enterprise view of your DevOps process.  
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Enter New Markets Faster with Corticon

In this whitepaper, you’ll discover how Corticon’s market-leading data connectivity capabilities and entirely code-free user experience enable the competitive advantage of speed-to-market—in this case, for a hypothetical credit union considering entering the solar energy market as a lender.
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