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2022 Data Integration & Connectivity Trends Report

The 2022 Data Connectivity Survey report shows key drivers motivating enterprise data modernization.
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OpenEdge Pathfinders

OpenEdge Pathfinders takes you into the OpenEdge realm and spotlights the modernization superstars that power their business with OpenEdge. Download OpenEdge Pathfinders as we spotlight some the customers who helped shape OpenEdge into what it is today.

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Migrating to OpenEdge Messaging with Apache Kafka from Sonic and JMS

OpenEdge 12.5 includes an exciting new feature, OpenEdge Messaging. This paper goes further in detail on OpenEdge Messaging.
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Six Practical Steps to Alleviate Data Security Anxiety

In this whitepaper, we describe the symptoms of data security anxiety and the concerns around ensuring a level of comfort as organizations rapidly adopt innovative distributed data environments that may span both on-premises and multi-cloud platforms. We will also suggest six steps for rethinking the requirements for data security and understanding ways to specify data protection policies and partnering more formally with vendors who align themselves with observance of data protection. 

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Ethical Decisioning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have grown in importance in today’s digital world. It’s critical to keep bias out of big data to protect the decisions that directly impact your customers’ daily lives. Given the importance of AI/ML in many businesses, a policy-driven approach can mitigate the danger of bias in big data. Companies must automate decisions, but they must also explain how the decisions interact with one another.

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Get More Out of OpenEdge 12

The Progress Education team designed a learning path and certification program to meet the demands for new courseware for OpenEdge Developers, launching the Basic OpenEdge Developer Learning Path and Certification exam. These assets are compatible with (LTS) OpenEdge 12.2. 

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Progress Recognized in Gartner® Magic Quadrantâ„¢ for Digital Experience Platforms

Progress, used by the World Health Organization, Kubota, Best Western, and myriad others, is acknowledged in the report for our Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision. 

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Disaster Recovery Planning Service

Disaster recovery planning should not be taken lightly. In today’s 24x7, always-on business environment, it is imperative that your data is always protected and available. Leverage our Managed Database Administration Team's expertise to create an OpenEdge disaster recovery strategy based on your business needs.
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Everything You Need to Know About Migrating to OpenEdge 12

When migrating to a Progress OpenEdge 12, or any new software version, there can be a feeling of uncertainty. Some may be concerned about the financial and technological resources required to make this change. Read this whitepaper to discover more about migrating to OpenEdge 12.

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Integrating OpenEdge with Multiple JMS Providers Channels

This whitepaper covers how to configure an OpenEdge instance to work with multiple JMS adapters.
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Sitefinity Check-Up Service

Progress Sitefinity gives you a significant amount of power to optimize your customer journey. Experts are available to perform a check-up to assess and maximize your experience. Learn more in this whitepaper.
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Progress Application Server (PAS) for OpenEdge Health Check Service

PAS for OpenEdge is an enabling technology that supports your security, compliance, 3rd party integrations, API-first strategies, scalability, and cloud migration initiatives. The health of your PAS for OpenEdge server is pivotal to ensuring its operations run consistently and at scale. Our PAS for OpenEdge health check engagement will validate best practices and fine-tune configuration settings resulting in optimal performance. 

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Progress DataDirect for Salesforce

Progress DataDirect, the leader in data connectivity, has functionality that supports Salesforce-powered organizations to connect to the data they need to run their business.
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Why OpenEdge

Why Progress OpenEdge

Businesses need engaging, high-impact business applications that enable them to operate efficiently while standing out from the crowd. For over 40 years, Proress has worked to empower companies to bring enterprise applications to life with the Progress® OpenEdge® application development platform. Download this paper to read more.
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Sitefinity Cloud Technical Data Sheet

Sitefinity Cloud is a Platform-as-a-Service for enterprise content and experience management hosted by Progress in Microsoft Azure. Providing a globally available, fully managed infrastructure, Sitefinity Cloud is optimized for security, performance, scalability and developer productivity.
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OpenEdge Managed Database Services

Your OpenEdge databases are critical to your business. However, it’s a full-time job to maintain a powerful, advanced database. Progress’s Professional Services team of experts are available to do the work, rev up your database, and help extract your investment’s maximum value. 

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QAD Application, Professional Consulting Services

We understand the importance and unique needs of your ERP system because Progress uses QAD EE software to run our own business. As authors and developers of the technology stack that QAD has built their ERP system on since 1988, our strategic partnership will deliver industry-recognized expert technical and functional resources for your upgrade, platform migration or customization project.

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QAD Managed Services

Your ERP solutions running QAD and OpenEdge have unique business needs. Update, fine-tune or optimize your application, get a hand with database administration, or ensure you’re leveraging all the newest features of your QAD application. This whitepaper will discuss:
  • QAD Database Support
  • Value-add Services for the QAD community
  • QAD Help Desk Support
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QAD Data Solutions

Progress Services' makes the task of archiving and deleting data from a QAD system simple and easy with its user-friendly interface that allows complete control over scheduling and executing the process. Find out how you can easily keep your QAD system optimized while maintaining complete access to the information.
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OpenEdge Pro2 Managed Service

Your data replication needs to be scalable, low maintenance and done with a high level of confidence. The experts at Progress offer a Managed OpenEdge Pro2 Service that provides reliable database replication management 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to validate that target data is accurate, performant and highly available.

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