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Top Five Ways to Accelerate Your Business

Discover 5 strategic ways to accelerate your business and improve customer satisfaction with Progress DataDirect Connect and Progress DataDirect Cloud, delivering the breadth of depth of data connectivity you need.

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The Total Economic Impact of The OpenEdge Platform

Evaluate the financial impact of the OpenEdge Platform

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Table Partitioning

Power Your Business with Progress: Applications that Drive Growth and Profitability


Your company requires innovative software that fits the needs of your business today and has the flexibility to adapt to changes tomorrow. Progress Software is meeting those same requirements for thousands of companies and millions of users around the world.
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Managed Database Administration

Get secure, reliable and experienced database management from Progress Services.
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Top 10 Reasons to Buy DataDirect Connectivity

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Anatomy of a Progress DataDirect Driver Flyer

Get detailed information about the individual Progress DataDirect components that enable our high-performance ODBC and JDBC  data connectivity solutions.
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Whitepaper: State of IoT 2015 Global Developer Survey

The Internet of Things (IoT) is among the hottest topics today. Every business wants to coin the term. But what do developers, the nurturers of IoT projects now and in the future, think of it? We talked to 675 developers to find out what they are experiencing in the IoT space; are they commercializing apps and seeing future opportunities? Are they well equipped with the right technologies to deal with IoT demand? Here is what we found out.

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Pensions & Eligibility

Pensions and Eligibility: Managing Employee Retirement and Compliance in Turbulent Times

Pension administrators are at the center of a storm. Learn how technology – like a business rules engine – can help IT and business users implement new reporting standards for operational efficiently – while separating business processes from rules to ensure compliance.
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Solution Brief: Progress DataDirect OpenAccess for OpenEdge

When it comes to reporting, business intelligence (BI), and SaaS integration, you need to ensure you have the right plan and tools to deliver an optimal solution to your market. For your Progress OpenEdge applications, read this solution brief to find out why Progress DataDirect OpenAccess is the best solution to securely integrate your applications with virtually all your reporting tools and BI analytics.
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eBook: The Untold Story of Data

Data matters now more than ever. In a matter of decades, we've evolved from the mainframe to today's hyper-connected world with its continuous avalanche of data; transforming the way we work and live. Read how DataDirect can help you stay at the forefront of this transformation by simply and efficiently connecting you to all of your data on-premise and in the cloud.
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2015 Data Connectivity Outlook

Whitepaper: 2015 Data Connectivity Outlook

In this second annual Data Connectivity Outlook from Progress DataDirect, you'll get vendor-neutral information based on input from hundreds of DataDirect customers from around the globe, including C-level managers, data scientists, business analysts and developers. Survey results include trends around currently installed database technology as well as emerging database technologies. Read this paper to discover which vendors have staying power, which ones are closing the gap, and which ones will likely be consolidated.
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Managing Data in Motion

Managing Data in Motion: Data Integration Best Practice Techniques and Technologies

Chapter 1: The Importance of Data Integration
By: April Reeve

Managing Data in Motion is a growing concern in all IT organizations. 25 year veteran solution architect and program manager, April Reeve, shares her approach to developing and managing solutions for moving data between applications in her book, Managing Data in Motion. Learn how you too can reduce the complexity of managing system interfaces and enable a scalable architecture.

In our complimentary chapter: The Importance of Data Integration and the Natural Complexity of Data Interfaces, learn why data integration is an important topic for managing data in an organization and the importance of a data layer to manage the disparate interfaces.
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Business Intelligence in the Cloud

Business Intelligence and the Cloud: Strategic Implementation Guide

Chapter 1: History of Cloud Computing
By: Michael Gendron

Innovation, faster time to market, increased market share, and greater customer loyalty are just a few potential benefits of a successful cloud computing strategy. If you haven’t already, now is the time to examine Cloud Computing as a strategic initiative for your organization. In Business Intelligence and the Cloud, Gendron, an intelligence leader, takes cloud computing beyond “mere hype to produce real-world value”. Through the use of real-world examples, Gendron emphasizes “how these technologies can be used to create business value and how they can be integrated into an organizations business intelligence system.”

Gain access to our complimentary chapter: A History of How We Got to Cloud Computing, Gendron and learn how “cloud computing creates business strategy.”
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Social Mobile Cloud

Social Mobile Cloud

Chapter 1: A Remote Control for the World
By: Ted Shelton

Social networking, mobile phones and the cloud are changing the way we do business today. Think about how they impact your business. How have they already impacted your industry? Business Models for the Social Mobile Cloud will help you understand the full implications of the social mobile cloud. Learn how you can adapt to these changes and navigate your business through a successful transformation. 

This month’s complimentary chapter, A Remote Control for the World, discusses the technology and the trends of social networks, mobile, and cloud computing and explains how this digital revolution came to be. Now is the time to act, if you wait, your competitors may pass you buy. Take the first step….
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The Agile Architecture Revolution

The Agile Architecture Revolution: How Cloud Computing, REST-Based SOA, and Mobile Computing Are Changing Enterprise IT

Chapter 1: Introducing Agile Architecture
By: Jason Bloomberg

Deconstructing Agile, and rebuilding the concept in the context of organizations and their strategic goals, is what this first chapter, Introducing Agile Architecture, is all about. It’s about changing the Agile belief system and “making a case that the Agile Architecture Revolution is a true revolution.” Once you’ve deconstructed that belief system by holding it up to the light so you can see through the weak spots, you can learn from that experience and, ultimately, architect a better belief system—one that helps you achieve your business goals faster and more efficiently. 

In his book The Agile Architecture Revolution: How Cloud Computing, Rest-based SOA and Mobile Computing are changing Enterprise IT," Mr. Bloomberg hopes to “open your eyes to new ways of thinking about technology, about business, and about change itself."
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Big Data: Understanding How Data Powers Big Business

Big Data Powers Big Business

Chapter 1: The Big Data Business Opportunity
Bill Schmarzo

In his book, Big Data: Understanding How Data Powers Big Business, Bill Schmarzo takes a business-centric approach toward the Big Data Movement and how it can impact your business. Explore the value drivers and key business initiatives for your business and how you can glean further insight to better understand your customers, market, and overall processes. Get the tools and guidance you need to start leveraging big data to drive business value in this complete how-to guide.

This month’s complimentary chapter, The Big Data Business Opportunity, introduces the business drivers behind this movement; learn about new data sources available to help inform your business and most importantly, how leading organizations are leveraging this data to transform their businesses.
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Engineering Software as a Service : An Agile Approach Using Cloud Computing

Engineering Software as a Service: An Agile Approach Using Cloud Computing

Armando Fox and David Patterson 
Chapter 1: Introduction to SaaS and Agile Development

Our first featured book is for those of you interested in Software as a Service (SaaS.) "Engineering Software as a Service: An Agile Approach Using Cloud Computing" teaches essential Software Engineering skills via designing, building, testing, and deploying SaaS Web applications in the cloud. Jump on into cloud computing with this complimentary chapter: Introduction to SaaS and Agile Development.
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Ebook: Driving Growth With Next Generation Business Applications

See how Progress Pacific lets businesses rapidly build data-driven applications and deploy them on any cloud or device – without the cost and complexity of buying and managing underlying infrastructure.
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Data Sheet

Flyer: Standards-based MongoDB Data Connectivity

Using standards-based SQL, DataDirect for MongoDB lets you easily access, manage and integrate data stored in MongoDB, one of the fastest growing NoSQL data sources. The normalization of data takes place transparently, ensuring a natural consumption of data, with no impact to the application. Download this flyer to learn more.
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White Papers

Addressing 5 Emerging Challenges for Big Data

Data is everywhere and companies need to know how to easily access it, analyze it and leverage it to make better, data-driven business decisions. Big data technologies are maturing and forward-thinking organizations understand the need to to pilot and adopt big data as a core component of the information management and analytics infrastructure. Big data, as a compendium of emerging disruptive tools and technologies, is positioned as the next giant leap in enabling integrated analytics in many common business scenarios. Read this paper to understand the top challenges organizations must overcome to adopt a successful big data program.
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