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What’s New with WS_FTP Server

Learn more about new features, fixes and improvements in one of the most popular secure file transfer server applications. Updated with every new release of WS_FTP Server.

Key Features

New WS FTP Server editions bundle together more advanced features and value than ever before!

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New Editions and Pricing

WS_FTP Server is now available in 3 new editions specifically designed with our customer’s budgetary and security needs in mind. In addition to updated security features and Ad-Hoc and Web Transfer modules, all 3 editions – Basic, Secure and Premium – include 5 licenses of WS_FTP Professional Client, enabling IT with the flexibility to create a more efficient and customized file transfer process for their specific organizational needs.

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Fast, Simplified Installs

The WS_FTP Server Installer provides a fast, simplified, completely automated, best-in-class download and install experience. The entire installation process is completed in under 10 minutes.

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Ad Hoc and Web Transfer Module Enhancement

New, advanced functionalities within the Ad Hoc and Web Transfer modules include a modern new user interface and support for Microsoft Outlook.

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Improved Security & Usability

WS_FTP Server has been improved with better log filtering, support for special characters and long domain extensions as well as updated 3rd-party components to ensure there are no security vulnerabilities.

Looking for WS_FTP Professional?

Learn more about the secure FTP client designed to work with WS_FTP Server.

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